Yellow Duck sinks again

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Liverpool’s ‘Yellow Duckmarine’ tour boat sinks

More than 30 people were rescued on Saturday after a tourist vessel sank in the historic Albert dock in the British city of Liverpool, authorities said.

All 31 passengers, including children, on board the amphibious “Yellow Duckmarine” were accounted for and none of them suffered serious injuries, said Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service.

The Royal Liverpool Hospital treated 17 people but they were later discharged.

The Yellow Duckmarine vessels ferry tourists around the northwest English city, famed for being the hometown of The Beatles.

“I was down by the Albert Docks doing some shopping when I noticed something didn’t look right about the Duckmarine,” eyewitness Tim Olsen told the BBC.

“It only took about four minutes to go down. The police, ambulance and air ambulance services arrived on the scene quickly and I think they got everybody off OK.”

Authorities banned the four Yellow Duckmarines from going into water after one sank in March, but they were declared safe again in May.

The Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson refused to speculate on their future.

“Albert Dock Duck incident, look I will not make any official comment on future of these ducks until we know people are all OK [and] accounted for,” he wrote on Twitter.


Her Majesty, The Queen joined us for a ride on The Yellow Duckmarine.

He said: “These craft are ex-World War II, they’re far too old, and they can’t afford to repair them and keep them up to the standard required.

Eyewitness Tim Olsen: “They only had seconds to get out, it went down very quickly”

“It’s a matter of time before somebody is killed”.

In 2012, the Queen was given a tour of the dock on one of the vehicles when she visited the region as part of her Diamond Jubilee tour.


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