IESCO’s negligence costs thousands to poor consumers

IESCO’s negligence costs thousands to poor consumers\story_8-6-2013_pg11_6

* Consumers allegedly being sent bills based on random readings

* Complain of malpractice in metre-reading

ISLAMABAD: Charging random billing and continuous negligence of top officials of Islamabad Electricity Supply Company (IESCO) is costing thousands of rupees to poor consumers.

It is very common in twin cities that consumers receive electricity bills on the basis of random meter reading and scores of meter readers deployed for taking monthly reading do not approach their designated areas.

These meter readers continue recording random reading by sitting in offices and without visiting the designated places and houses and the departments without counter-checking if there was any anomaly, send the bills to consumers.

Consequently after random reading of three to four months the units shown by the meters reach to hundreds and sometimes thousands. Thereafter, the authority sends cumulative bill in thousands not only astonishing and agonising the consumers, but also opening avenues for corruption.

The recent incident was noted in new settlements in the suburbs of the capital like PWD Colony, Korang Town and Pakistan Town where certain consumers are receiving electricity bills based on random reading.

As the area falls in the jurisdiction of Korang sub-division, this scribe tried to contact the officials responsible for the area. But, it was amazing to note that neither the EXEN nor the SDO of the area were available on designated number.

Most of the consumers believe that these numbers were given on the utility bills just to hoodwink the consumers as none of these responsible officials could be reached to register the complaint.

It is also very common that the meter readers deployed in this sub-division especially Pakistan Town do not regularly visit their area for reading. So, their negligence becomes a nuisance for the consumers when they all of a sudden receive heavy bills comprising the reading of the previous months.

Since there are different rates for different slabs, charging bills for cumulative units means to charge rates of top slab to the consumers who even use nominal electricity. Such billings also means fleecing thousands from the poor consumers by charging additional GST surcharges that increase considerably when the units fall in the category of top slabs.

“Why we are penalised for the fault what we have not committed. It is negligence of the meter readers, but consumers have to pay for it and there is nobody to heed our problem,” said a consumer.

It shocks such ordinary bread-earners of their families when they receive the bill in thousands sent to them on the basis of cumulative units. “We pay our bills regularly. But, if these bills are issued on the basis of random reading, it is not our fault,” said a consumer.

Some consumers have also complained that after sending heavy bills or after knowing that reading of a meter crosses 2000 to 3000 units, they themselves approach the consumers to correct the reading and claim almost half of the estimated cost. Thereon they take away the meters and then return after reversing the reading. This malpractice very much continues even in the posh localities in the suburbs of the capital and the IESCO is least bothered to save the consumers from this day light robbery.

The consumers have demanded from the new government as well as new Water and Power minister to immediately take notice of this corruption to save the consumers and ensure the money goes to national kitty instead the pockets of corrupt officials and meter readers. app





This shows DAMAGE done to ALL Pakistanis by wrong media and Government education. West is RICH and JUST society because their Government TAX and SPEND. West’s Electricity and Gas is very EXPENSIVE and has taxes in ELECTRICITY too. ALL Pakistanis think REASONS not to pay Market rate of Sui Gas and ELECTRICITY. Army knew Dam and Sometimes rivers can give enough ELECTRICITY. People will destroy Zia ul Haq if he stops people from stealing and asks for ELECTRICITY West type RELIABILITY and prices. You can charge and waste Sui Gas as you like because gas GENERATOR import are not like electricity. GENERATORS imported from HIGH TAX countries are needed and FUEL and “free” coal is needed to produce every unit of Electricity. Do not believe newspapers when they say prices are going up. If your population DOUBLES every 25 years FOOD and new ELECTRICITY needs TAXES to help next generation INVESTMENT. Its not Mullah’s job to tell us >>> PAY TAXES<<< for roads and NON-CORRUPT police. Everyone wants to be popular (except me) no one tells THERE is ISLAMIC TAX on every gram of GOLD your women own. Do you pay your religious DUTY ? No ? How could Zia ul Haq or Ayub make us better TAX PAYERS ?

Electricity and Price Controls

  • We want price controls – Do not we ? RESULT = Ration.
    I mean previous Pak Governments NEVER told Pakistanis = ALL ELECTRICITY costs money even that made from river. River water created LIMITED electricity is very unreliable. Cost of electricity includes NEARLY HALF spend on TRANSMISSION. Australian PRESS opened my eyes and Pak press only Teaches us price increases are WRONG. Taliban are okay.
  • Jihadi Mirza Jamal I know no one likes price rises. See no electricity !! Even long Musharaaf rule could not “get cheap” electricity. Bad education. Rent control or Utility Price control = No vacancy or Ration.

Govt decides to design new ELECTRICITY power plants on Thar coal specifications – dailytimes

WHAT a RUBBISH !! Why NOT this done in 1988 ? or early WHY Pakistanis told HAVE cheap UNRELIABLE river water electricity with NO NEW price increases = LOAD SHEDDING for our kids is here for all WORLD to see.

“….600MW thermal power project at Jamshoro.
“History will not excuse us if we do not take correct decision in time” said Raja while announcing these decisions. “Today we have laid the foundation of an energy policy which is based on our indigenous resources and will lead to savings of huge foreign exchange which are presently being spent…”\104\story_4-10-2012_pg1_3
Look at FULL MARKET Price LAW ENFORCED disconnections if poor do not pay bill on time. No BADMASHI no CABZA group to steal electricity ::
One state of Australia with only 5,000,000 population got all its ELECTRICITY needs planned in 1980’s.

In the 1980s work on a third open cut commenced at Loy Yang, as the Yallourn and Morwell coal fields were both committed to fuel existing power stations. The plan was for two new stations (Loy Yang A and B) consisting all a total of eight 500 MW units, all fed by the common coal mine. The project was hit by cost overruns, with an independent review initiated by the government in late 1982, finding excessive rates of pay for construction and operation staff, poor project management, over investment in both the coal mine and power station and general overmanning.[1]

Electricity costs to consumers also begun to rise in the 1980s, due to the need to pay greater dividends to the Victorian Government and to service greater debt levels from the heavy expansion. The SECV was also a part to the Portland Smelter Contract, which provided the Alcoa aluminium smelter with favourable electricity prices at the expense of other consumers.[1]…”

SHAME on ZIA UL HAQ the GREAT honest GENERAL you with your ARMY could not get ELECTRICITY DEPARTMENT to run properly ! No department other that ISI worked correctly ? So Pakistan hit 1990’s with “only” river water electricity.

IF PAKISTANI ARMY collected TAXES and ELECTRICITY and STAMP DUTIES properly today PAKISTAN will be like AUSTRALIA. At least half as rich. Like China = TRY to STEAL electricity in China ? = JAIL. Never jail in Pakistan.

Loy Yang Power Station is a brown coal fired power station located on the outskirts of the city of Traralgon, in south eastern Victoria, Australia. Loy Yang is a base load supply station, and produces about one third of Victoria’s electricity requirements. Loy Yang A has four generating units with a combined capacity of 2,200 megawatts and is owned by Australian Gas Light Company AGL Limited. Loy Yang B has two units with a capacity of 1,050 megawatts is Victoria’s newest and most efficient power station generating around 17% of Victoria’s energy needs. It is owned by UK group International Power.

Loy Yang B employs up to 152 full-time staff and another 40 contractors.,_Victoria

China, Malaysia, Singapore and AUSTRALIA not born RICH = their NON-RELIGIOUS leaders made them GREAT after second world war. Pakistan became FREE after second world war = LOOK where ARMY took Pakistan.





Another INDIAN Win – Chinese contractor has started suspending work on Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project

Work on Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project halted

LAHORE: Work on Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project (NJHP) has suffered a big blow due to lack of funding, sources said on Friday. The Chinese contractor has started suspending work on various sections of the project with the passing of the deadline that had been given for the release of Rs7.8 billion in funds.

The contractor has told the Ministry of Water and Power about its inability to continue work on the 969MW project beyond August 10, 2012, sources added. “It is indeed a setback for the project,” said an official. He hastened to add that the federal finance ministry had said that a review committee was being set up for the release of funds. A delay in the release of funds would virtually defeat the purpose of inducting sophisticated tunnel boring machines (TBMs) that were inaugurated by the prime minister himself a few days back.

The TBMs had been acquired with a view to speeding up work on the project. The use of TBMs for the main diversion tunnels has been aimed at enhancing the pace of work, thereby reducing the construction period by a year and a half, resulting in an estimated benefit of Rs60 billion.

More importantly, the early completion of NJHP assumes immense importance in order to neutralise Indian designs of utilising Jhelum water for the under construction Kishanganga Hydropower Project being built upstream in Indian occupied Kashmir.

The completion of NJHP should be done as per schedule to safeguard Pakistan’s water rights over the Neelum River, a major tributary of Jhelum River, sources said.