Below is REASON why Electricity in ZAMINDAR FREELOADER Mentality is a disaster :: Read and understand ELECTRICITY can not COME for FREE. Take example of MOBILE PHONES = They and their calls are CHEAP because PEOPLE pay their bills or no phone !! Do same with UTILITIES and water and railway and electricity etc etc will be AVAILABLE and maybe cheaper.

DAWN newspaper report
“….May 19, 2013 by Ahmad Fraz Khan

LAHORE, May 18: Over 18-hour loadshedding returned to urban feeders on Saturday after a break of one week as temperature rose to mid-40s in the plains of the country and generation plants started going offline due to paucity of fuel.

On Saturday, the gap between generation (9,000MW) and demand (over 16,000MW) rose to more than 7,000MW, forcing planners to resort to 18 hours loadshedding in urban areas and more than 20 in the rural areas.

By Friday afternoon, according to the Pepco record, Atlas Power (219MW), Nishat Power (200MW), Nishat Chunian (200MW), Kohinoor (124MW) and AES Lal Pir (249MW) went completely offline. Other generation giants like Kapco (1,342MW), Hubco (1,200MW) and Muzaffarghar (1,130MW) reduced their operations, leaving the entire generation to gas-driven and hydel (4200MW) plants in the country. The reduction in their generation is best reflected by the Hubco, which was contributing only 300MW against its total capacity of 1,200MW.

“Fuel supply to these plants is like daily purchase of open flour for a family,” says a former managing director of Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco). The day one fails to buy flour, the family would go without meal.

By Friday afternoon, the sector has to pay for fuel for next three days. With current collection, which is not even sufficient for daily purchase, such a payment is simply impossible. That is exactly what happened by Friday afternoon, the plants started going off one after another and by Friday night disaster struck the sector and the country, he said.

He hoped the situation would start improving by Monday afternoon when the sector is able make some cumulative payments for fuel. But, the crisis would be repeated next Friday to nearly the same level, for the same reasons.

“The crisis goes much deeper,” says a former general manager (finance) of Wapda. Current average notified (actual recovery) tariff is Rs8.89 per unit, whereas average determined (cost of service) tariff is Rs11.91 per unit – leaving a gap of Rs3.02 per unit that comes from the government as subsidy. The power sector recoveries are only 90 per cent in the first nine months of the current fiscal. That means it is only recovering Rs8 per unit, suffering a loss of Rs0.89 per unit.

This amount runs into billions of rupee and translates directly into fuel shortage and plant closures. On top of it, the National Electric Power Regulator (Nepra) has increased tariff to Rs14.56 per unit in April this year and did so with retrospective effect – from July 1, 2012 as the Disco petitions were submitted to it in April last year. This amount of Rs2.70 per unit, which should have been pumped into the sector in the last nine months, went missing. That naturally translated into fuel shortage and regular plant closures.
May 19, 2013 by Our Staff Reporter

LAHORE, May 18: The business community has criticised the caretaker government for a massive increase of Rs5.82 per unit in electricity tariff.

In separate statements on Saturday, the Pakistan Industrial and Traders Association Front (PIAF) and the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) termed the increase an anti-industry and anti-masses move.

PIAF Chairman Malik Tahir Javed said electricity prices in Pakistan were already higher than other countries of the region, and the new hike would push the crisis-hit industrial sector to the wall.

“How Pakistani merchandise will be able to win buyers in the international market when their prices will be higher than the same quality goods of other countries?” he said.

The PIAF chairman said according to reports more than 40 per cent electricity was being stolen, but instead of controlling the theft and line losses, the authorities were busy in further increasing its tariff in spite of the proven fact that the raise in the tariff always leads to increase in power theft.

He said the flight of capital had intensified in the recent years only because of flawed government policies, especially relating to energy and infrastructure.

He said massive loadshedding had crippled the industrial activities, thousands of industrial units had closed down or relocated while millions of industrial workers had lost their jobs but instead of initiating any mega power projects, the government remained busy in increasing power tariff.

He said the increase would badly affect the agriculture sector which was backbone of the economy and feeding more than 70 per cent of the population.

Mr Javed urged the caretaker government to immediately withdraw recent increase in electricity tariff and avoid making such destructive decisions.

Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Farooq Iftikhar said the hefty increase in power prices would adversely affect competitiveness of Pakistani merchandise that had already lost their due place in a number of global markets due to high prices.

“In the international market, the profit margin fluctuates between 0.5 per cent and 0.8 per cent and after the recent increase there will hardly be any buyer for Pakistani goods. If the increase under the fuel adjustment surcharge was inevitable, it should have been implemented in phases instead of in one go,” he said.
Yes we EXPECT FREE land and NO TAX Middle East type LIFE ::

Sunday, May 19, 2013  – Dailytimes E-Mail this article to a friend Printer Friendly Version

629 properties sealed for non-payment of property tax

* E&T Department recovers Rs 6.5 million

RAWALPINDI: Excise & Taxation Department has sealed 629 properties for non-payment of property tax during its three-day campaign.

The department also recovered property tax arrears amounting Rs 6.5 million during this period.

The Excise & Taxation Department during its special campaign, which was run for three days from May 14 to 16, also checked 8,941 vehicles in the division and recovered Rs 3.3 million in the head of token tax. Excise & Taxation Director Shahidur Rehman disclosed this in a statement issued here.

It was further disclosed that an amount of over Rs 10.4 million was recoverable as property tax and a special campaign was launched for the recovery of outstanding dues. Action in accordance with the law was taken against the defaulters and total 629 properties were sealed.

Rehman said that the recovery of Rs 5 million was made in head of property tax in Rawalpindi district while Rs 5 million was recovered from Jhelum district. Similarly, an amount of Rs 393,581 was recovered from Chakwal district and Rs 293,255 was collected from Attock district under head of property tax.

The director informed that during general hold-up for the recovery of token tax, total amount of Rs 3 million was recovered from the defaulters while during the campaign out of a large number of vehicles which were checked, as many as 932 vehicles were found against which the annual token tax were not cleared. One hundred and thirty unregistered vehicles were also checked and fined, while the registration and other documents of 830 vehicles were retained and 326 vehicles were fined which were on roads without paying life time token.

Director Excise & Taxation Shahidur Rehman urged the owners of properties and vehicles to pay their property taxes and vehicles token taxes at the earliest otherwise strict action against the defaulters would be taken as per law.

TMA removes 31,000 political banners, posters: Tehsil Municipal Administration of Rawal Town under its grand operation has removed as many as 31,000 banners and posters during last week after completion of general elections 2013.

According to TMA Rawal Town’s spokesman, Administrator Rawal Town Saif Anwar Jappa issued special instructions to remove all the political banners, posters, party flags and wall chalking from city roads and streets. The enforcement staff and anti-encroachment staff started work and within last five days over 31000 political banners and posters have been removed from Murree Road, Said Pur road, Commercial Market, Liaquat Road, Iqbal Road, Khiaban-e-Sir-Syed, Sadiqabad, Raja Bazaar, Jamia Masjid Road, Gunj Mandi and other areas.

The anti-encroachment staffs under the supervision of Town Municipal Officer (TMO) Sardar Tashafiq Nawaz have also accelerated its raids against encroachments.

Superintendent Pervaiz Ahmed Mughal and Inspectors conducted raids in Bara Bazaar, Said Pur Road, Raja Bazaar, Jamia Masjid Road, Commercial Market, Sadiqabad, Khiabane Sir Syed, Pirwadhai Road and Liaquat Road and imposed fines on 109 encroachers. Six truckloads goods were also confiscated and shifted to TMA store. He said under special operation, all city areas would be cleared and all political stickers, banners, posters and wall chalking would be removed. online

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