How Pakistanis think and twisted RECORD of Dictators.

Why Nawaz Shareef is not seizing the opportunity to invite international media I.e CNN, BBC, Fox, Al Jazeera, New York times, Washington post , voice of America for media talks and interviews to project our stance so that Indian attempts to have us declared as a terrorist state by Congress through paid lobbyists in Washington falls flat on its face? Or he lacks the intellectual capacity to address them and answer their questions? If yes then his deficiencies and incapacities are costing us dearly?

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Ahmed Sarfraz Of course yes
Everybody knows how much visionary he is,language problem is another matter but he is a dumb lohar….
Mushtaq Ur Rehman
Mushtaq Ur Rehman Speech written by Irfan Siddiqui is bound to create such an impression?
Afshan Farooqui
Afshan Farooqui Whoever wrote, wrote as per the dictates of his bosses. I saw the other day how Maryam Safdar was interfering during the recording of his address to the nation.
Danish Bahi
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Aamir Hassan Raja
Aamir Hassan Raja idiot is so duffer .. he can’t speak without parchi … how he will reply the question of journalists..
Khushal Khan Khattak
Khushal Khan Khattak You don’t want to up the ante from where you can’t turn back. We’ve to be flexible. Keep some cards hidden or unspoken.
Ghufran Amir
Ghufran Amir Problem is he can not have parchi reading and wont be able to understand single sentence of english and you want him to do PC. Secondly he will prefer to quit PMship rather disobey his master Modi..
Afshan Farooqui
Afshan Farooqui you dont use a card timely and then it becomes useless, irrelevant and inadmissible
Abdullah Jawed
Abdullah Jawed parchi paper is finished from him..
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Foreign Press considers Pakistan foreign POLICY under ISI Army Control and WOULD NOT become PAWNS of PAK ARMY Lal Masjid and VERY = ANTI USA = The country (USA) Foreign Press lives in.
ALSO if ISI continues its ANTI USA games = NO ONE WILL LISTEN to PAKISTAN.
Rahmat Karim Hunzai
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Yes. Once there was a Military General. Zia creations our brains sold to Taliban and Nawaz frauds.
Nauman Tehseen Sheikh
Nauman Tehseen Sheikh What sort of a question is that, now it makes me doubt your intellect…😜
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Who has stupid question Nauman Tehseen Sheikh sahib. FB is university of very low third world intellect. Like Trump and Military worship. FB writers mostly have never paid tax in their life in Pakistan and still they talk big.
Riaz Mohammed
Riaz Mohammed Incompetent clown.
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Shujaat Awan
Shujaat Awan Very Valid point in context of ongoing onslaught of India Media against Pakistan…
Well, to b FAIR to Premier NS, Pak NEVER had a STABLE, RELIABLE & COHERENT Foreign Policy EVER SINCE the DEATH of Quaid.I.Azam…The Dreadful Decision of Khan Liaqat AlSee more
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi So true. As compared with India and its taking over of our Kashmir we have Yahya and Ayub worship by us resulting in East Pakistan. Bhutto had no military divisions its Ayub + Yahya killing of 300000 Bangalies. Ask Bangla today. Kargil same story its not Mush FAIL but Nawaz did not convince world of Mush created lies and situation. Add zia wahhabi taliban frauds ….
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Arjumand Hussain
Arjumand Hussain 3000000 Bengalis were not slaughtered that’s total crap. Perhaps 30 thousand and that too because the Mukti Bahini had started this mayhem….
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Mind your zeros do not insult us pakistanis that we all must agree with establishment worship. I wrote 300,000 and it is FACT OUTSIDE PAKISTAN.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi BANGALIS hated Ayub just like we loved Taliban …… .
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi How many lies Mushatraf Army gave fed us poor no water Pakistanis about Kargil disaster.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi can you find TRUTH ABOUT KARGIL EVEN
Danish Bahi
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Yes Arjumand sahib you are right i am wrong. CALL BANGLADESH EMBASSY IN PAKISTAN AND SEE WHAT THEY SAY. We hate Malala but Army disaster of East Pakistan is only faked inside Pakistan.
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Malala haters Kargil story tellers and Bhutto broke up Pakistan are people living in strange NARRATIVE in Pakistan. This is example how Taliban creators still control BRAINS OF PAKISTANIS.
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Sadly result is corrupted voters vote PPP and then PMLn.
Zia is dead what result ? Only Taliban are winner.
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Nauman Tehseen Sheikh
Nauman Tehseen Sheikh Danish Bahi it was supposed to be a sarcasm, anyways as you talk about FB writers, btw so are the ruling elite, when a PM who lives in a 1700+ Acres palace having a floor area on 2500 kanal says ‘mein tu beyrozgar hun’ ghar meri maan ka aur karobaar merey bachoon ka iss liye mein tax nahi dey sakta’ “Koi sharam hoti hey, koi haya hoti hey, koi ethics hotey hein”…. So here’s from where it needs to be started if u r the boss & u com on time, your whole staff will come on time, if you’re not using giving undue favors no-one else can, if you’re not a thug u wont tolerate one around you. But in case you do any of this then you yourself is basically ‘kaana’ so you’ll be compelled to bear others doing the same ” Akhir Koi sharam hoti hey, koi haya hoti hey, koi ethics hotey hein”….😉
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Shujaat Awan
Shujaat Awan Danish Bhai, U probably r ignorant abt the ACTUAL CAUSES of the Bangla Desh CRISES and their Ultimate separation….It was the SELFISHNESS of Political Elite of West Pakistan which alienated Bengalies…Neither Ayub Khan nor Yahya had any hands behind that DEPRIVED FEELINGS of Bengali people…Instead, it was Bhutto who refused to hand over powers to Mujib and it was Mujib who was HELL BENT to Get His Right…Both were so SELF ORIENTED that they sacrificed this country over their Egos…incidentally, all three characters, INVOLVED in DISMEMBERMENT of Pak, met HORRIBLE ENDS of TERRIBLE NATURE…Army Only Came in to save an ALREADY SANK Ship…It tried its best but Couldn’t,,,Do ASK Bengalies about their Miseries of 71 BUT Plz Take Out Time to meet THOUSANDS of Families of Pak as well who were Raped, who were Plundered and who lost their Children, including thousands of INFANTS through the BRUTALITIES of MUKTI BAHNI…
Rhi Zia k Islam ki Baat, tu my FRIEND, whatever Ur Army, ISI and Ur Nuclear Deterrence r today, after ALLAH’s SPECIAL BLESSINGS, the LARGE PORTION of CREDIT GOES to Zia Ul Haq….To know more abt Wat I m saying, Plz read “The War That NEVER Was” an Indian Book, Written by an Author….
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi AYUB RUINED PAKISTAN for ten years and THEN Pakistan broke up because Army AYUB would not for ten years transfer power to East Pakistan even when East Pakistan had 10% more population. Ten years one unit games of Ayub.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Army can rewrite history in Pakistan but UK records every day of Pakistani East Pakistan demands for MAJORITY RULE.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi HALF OF PAKISTANI POOR CORRUPT POLICE history is Army Rule. Why Zia also kept Police Corrupt ?
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi All pakistanis are decieved never ever Talking to a real Bangali. Schools never teach critical analysis. Just King or Army is great stories. TV and Radio creating Worship.
Danish Bahi
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Thank you for reminding me that just like we consider EVERYONE WRONG BUT ARMY AYUB AND YAHYA okay. politicians are corrupt and greedy and no General is looter.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Malala is wrong for asking Right of Education in Pashtoon Swat that army twice surrendered to local FM mullah.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi plenty of pakistanis who never find any disaster Ayub or Yahya or Zia ir Musharaf has done. No electricity and it is always politicisns. Army owns Pakistan. and TAKES EVERYTHING in PAKISTAN for its OWN heavy never ending NON PRODUCTIVE “NEEDS” First.
No accounts SHOWN in Pakistan where POOR BUDGET goes satisfying Military use of Pakistani funds and budget. NEVER discussed. No Hospitals and worse schools = Military takes all new money inside Pakistan. LOOK still Taliban and India are threat so WE MUST FEED everything to our best performance MILITARY. Our minds must never Question our Military “investment”.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Shujaat sahib Kargil was Musharaaf disaster or you want FB educated to blame Nawaz ?
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Taliban poison is not Zia gift with Lal Masjid Musharaaf had to face.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi .Blame everyone and Zamindara Punjabi Army will keep Pakistan = Mullah and Wahhabi infested.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Army and Mazar worship.
Open your eyes Taliban infested Army attacking school hating Pakistan. Our Mr. Jinnah would not recognise Ayub treatment of Mrs. Fatima Jinnah.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Army run worship is always fools paradise. All Generals then retire in USA. Musharraf fears Taliban so runs to his masters in USA.
Danish Bahi
Nauman Tehseen Sheikh
Nauman Tehseen Sheikh The bangalis murders & rape reports that were lodged were actually muktis in Pak Army’s uniforms trained by India but yes Yahya let India break Pakistan since India opened a full fledged war on Nov 19th till Dec 3rd no one in west Pakistan knew that we are at war with India & after 15days Pakistan launched it’s 1st offensive
Through west Pakistan. Our diplomatic policies matched our military tactics & till the time it was not over Pakistan never took its case to Security council though it was a very strong case, in fact a confirmed diplomatic victory for Pakistan but it seems like establishment wanted Pakistan in 2pieces… Shujaat Awan you’re right about it being started from ditching Russia & joining U.S
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Nauman Tehseen Sheikh
Nauman Tehseen Sheikh Danish Bahi its obvious that Bangalis will tell u everything different & do u even have a slightest idea what Pakistan was on the verge of achieving had this gonglo taken the pressure for another couple of days, that’s really hurtful people living abroad enjoying luxuries talk about Pakistan’s problems. FYI kargil mission has been taught in U.S war academy as one of the most successful mission… You don’t even have the ground realities… India was actually on it’s knees crying in security council & to U.S
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Nauman enjoy Pakistan.
Danish Bahi
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Pakistani knows truth.
Army cult of worship.
Tell me Nauman sahib does Powerful Nokar Army ever does ANYTHING WRONG in Pakistan. ?
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Why this army keeps Afghan Border Open ?
Why Lal masjid Mullah today calls Taliban = Shaheed when they kill Pak Army soldiers.?
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi India was hiding Great Zia refugee Osama. Remember even a good war against USSR turned out to be a disaster because Zia and Hamid Gul were put in charge !
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi When USA gunships came corrupt Gen Kayani was sleeping. Whole bloody army was sleeping at radars. What an arrogant no mistake punjabi zamidara freeloader Army. Blame Lal Masjid wahhabi mullah on civilians and army stil considers us all grass eating no money poor Nokars with Nokar Police. Go and see Army buildings and Hospitals and tax payers and poor Pakiatani gets …. rubbish hospitals and useless schools.
Muzaffar Ulhaq
Muzaffar Ulhaq PM Nawaz has no political vision & he has not demanded in UNO that India be declared as Terrorist country Because India is engaged in Terrorist action in Kashmir & indefinate period Curfew is imposed InKashmir & attacking Pakistan on its borders
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Fahim Ullah Khattak
Fahim Ullah Khattak I would agree with your 2nd and third Questions.
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Arjumand Hussain
Arjumand Hussain My friend I wouldn’t trust the Bangladesh Embassy. Yes people were murdered and women were raped. But the whole thing was started by India with a plan. Pakistan’s Army did not wake up one fine morning and were given orders to go over to East Pakistan to conduct mass murders and gang rapes. I still remember when the first contigent of soldiers was sent to Chitagong on a commercial ship. Soldiers were put in cargo holds . Flying them out there was not an option. India had blocked your air routes. And then when the first ship left with troops it was intercepted outside by Indian Navy. So this was all part of an Indian plan to divide Pakistan.
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi SO WHAT AYUB DID FOR 10 YEARS TO FORESEE CLEAR INDIAN TOTAL SUPPORT OF EAST PAKISTAN .”freedom”. Ayub defeated Ms. Fatima Jinnah. Just another selfish General world is full of.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi We will not let Bangali rule us. Stupid people FORGET they had 10% more population and Govt and Army GHQ and Capital should have moved to Dhaka.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Kargil total disaster happened because Army did never learned or appologised for Hero Ayub his long ten years and his appointment of Yahya. Bhutto was introduced as minister by Ayub.
Arjumand Hussain
Arjumand Hussain Thank you . At this level of discussion; no more comments from my side…..
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Danish Bahi
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Muzaffar Ulhaq sahib Fahim Ullah Khattak sahib and Arjumand Hussain sahib
i am not trying to change education of perfect military we are given. After Bangladesh “libration” Pak surrender ALL ARAB AND OTHER MUSLIM countries immidiately demanded release of “Majeeb.”
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi india defeated totally Musharraf in recent Kargil plus Mullah Army disaster control of Pakistan.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi World hates Pakistan or loves Pakistan. All because Army is totally out of control in Pakistan.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi indian army is Nokar of Indian Politicians. Pak has become Nokar of Saudia and even Afghanistan. All insult Pakistani passport.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi who gave us corrupt Nawaz ? Zia and only Zia.
Another gift of Zia the Great … .Taliban Hell seekers just like their creator Zia.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Kashmiri would love total freedom than another Zia. No school bombings in Kashmir. Wahhabi Jamaat Zindabad. Already Hamid Gul trained Mr. Imran and Jamaat and Taliban.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Military officers live in their Modern lifestyle while give us Jamaat. Then Top Brass retire in USA while isi tells us to hate USA.
Arjumand Hussain
Arjumand Hussain And where do you live in Pakistan? Or do you even live in Pakistan.
Everything else and all mistakes put aside. The Pakistani Military has been fighting a battle ad protecting Pakistan for 70 years. If the Army was not as strong you and I would have been drinking cow urine. One can’t be so ungreatful and not accept the contributions of our soldiers.
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Arjumand SAHIB this is the thing. Zia beatings made us rude to each other. We can not even DISCUSS politics.
Living in Pakistan and Taliban fears you do Not even know 12% population of India is Muslim. No Pakistani text books will tell REALITY = not every Muslim migrated to new Pakistan in 1947. Today 12% of Indian citizens are Muslims. That is outside Kashmir.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Cow urine ? Our Ayub and Zia made us drink lot more than a any urine. Zia and other General pulled out NAILS AND OTHER PARTS of us Pakistanis. Even today Zia created Mullah education bomb and polio us. Mullah and Army destruction of Modern Mr. Jinnah`s Pakistan. Do you want me to go into details of brutally of military rule? No unions no freedom NO WORD AGAINST GOVERNMENT FOR TEN YEARS. UNTIL SATAN CIA AGENT WAHHABI DEVIL ZIA was killed by his own military after so many years.
Afshan Farooqui
Afshan Farooqui Danish Bahi please stop it now.
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Sorry. I listen Afshan. Enough truth for this week. No more comments by me. Want conversation please come to my own Danish Bahi page. I am sorry if I caused embarrassment.
Arjumand Hussain
Arjumand Hussain Absolute nonsense. I vehemently deny such allegations against the Army. They are humans like us and have their issues. If we had competent leadership who could honestly run the affairs of this country the Army will stay on the Borders and Barracks. But because of crooks in the Parliament the army gets involved. I absolutely do not support military regimes but we keep screwing up and keep calling them back. Nawaz fired Musharraf but who does he appoint as Chief without consulting any Corp Commanders a Lt General of the Engineering Corp. Hence a Coup takes place…
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Yes i agree but we should never worship any establishment or department. Result will be a country like Pakistan with LOOPSIDED development. Only Military with tax money and every other department with poverty actually dirty drinking water and rubbish schools etc.
Afshan Farooqui
Afshan Farooqui Army earns through its own economic entities . they don’t take any of your money. Stop this childish rant at once
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Afshan Farooqui i know my promise but talking reality of damage after Zia (Nawaz and Taliban) and Mushraaf (Lal Masjid and Kargil) and Ayub (usa begging and army creation of Bhutto….)
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Afshan i stop now. Why Police department and poor court rooms are never improved in 10 year long each martial law ?
Afshan Farooqui
Afshan Farooqui They did no damage. Only Nawaz, benazir, her father, ghulam Mohammad, zardari, altaf, asfandayar, fazlur Rehman and achakzai did
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Afshan Farooqui
Afshan Farooqui Do you have any idea at what level of progress this country was during Ayub’s times? We were going to be a San Francisco of Asia
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 2 hrs · Edited
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi I totally appologize Afshan for hurting your feeling. I stop it now.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi no we would not have even drinking water if military spending will be 3% of GNP as it is now. Health 2 %.
Danish Bahi
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Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Okay bye thank you for listening to me. If and when you live outside Pakistan then Muslim people from all other countries will tell you reality.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Every Dictator of Military introduces a Political Nokar to us uneducated. Ayub gave us Bhutto and Yahya and could not see Indian future success in East Pakistan. Ayub was a boss and East pakisyan must all obey him. First press control ordinances started by Ayub.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Zia introduce Nawaz as PM Nokar.
Just like Bhutto was rebelled against by Zia so was NawaZ Was rebelled against by Musharraf . Musharraf created his own PM but by now time was up. Voters love Patwari and corruption. PPP and MQM and PMLN win on RACIAL and Language lines. Pathan vote PTi and mqm is Muhajir and punjabi goes between ppp and pml.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi It is now 3am dark night in Sydney and i am 56 and i saw Zia dictatorship from my own eyes.
2 hour long TV speeches and no mention of electricity investment or school needs or condition of hospitals but long speeches on what great things zia is doing and doing and 90 days became 90 months.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi San Fransciso or Singapore all TAX high AND CHARGE HIGH WATER RATES AND electricity is charged with depart profit built into electricity price so not rationed. People always go to JAIL if conda or Tax default. We learn to default on everything. so that military is loved by poor. Result todays cheap water and electricity. Price controlled and rationed . We are never told in increasing population we must have heavy profits in Wapda or result will be rusted pipes and no increase in electricity. 9 crore population becomes double and people enjoy price control on electricity. Ayub sahib put water in houses in Lahore WITHOUT meters in new big or small houses. Qabza groups operating in Military rule ? How dare Police take bribes in any Military rule ?
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Pleaee give an example of any country getting better after a military dictator. Ten years dictator destroys all civilan leadership. Only military loving military nokar are left as option. Nokars or corrupt like Bhutto and Nawaz. And fraud victim damaged brain voters after Dictator dies or destroys a country. Why Musharraf resigned ?
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi Good night. May we get another martial law in Pakistan. Ameen. Does not worry me. I will come and enjoy Cheap prices in Military rule. Buy low taxed property. Hide property plots from corrupt and weak Tax Dept. China and European investment ? All investment needs PROFITABLE operations.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi So i will buy my generator for a month . Cheap prices = love of Govt. Living under Zia teach me all this. Does anyone pay 30% tax on their income in Third World. Oh Pakistan has lots of free gas so our great Zia will give us cheap gas.
Danish Bahi
Danish Bahi This is such an important conversation and TEACHING me how to EXPLAIN to Pakistanis why there is poverty and hate in Pakistan = Only we want more amazing Military rule. Afshan Farooqui thank you for letting me talk on FB and all this IMPORTANT earth shattering conversation I have put on my own web blog. Next time I just cut and paste this link to TELL PAKISTANIS Ayub and Zia and Musharraf ONLY worked for their own MILITARY rule extensions at the cost of PROFITABLE other institutions of Pakistan. NO INSTITUTION looks good EVER in Military Rule.…/how-pakistanis-think-and…/

How to avoid the ATO auditing your family trust

Max Newnham
Published: July 26, 2016 – 9:44AM

When the owners of a business want the flexibility of distributing income to family members, to reduce the impact of income tax on net business income, a discretionary family trust with a company acting as trustee provides flexibility from a tax planning point of view and legal protection.

There have been examples in the past of people that have used family trusts to reduce the tax payable on what is really employment income. Since the introduction of the personal services income rules the ability to unfairly save tax on employment income has been reduced.

Where a business is operated through a family trust and family members work in the business there are steps that can be taken, to ensure that in the event of an ATO audit, no penalties will be imposed.

Q. I run a tourist attraction that is operated through a family trust and need someone to help me. I would like to know what the legalities of having a nephew working in my business for a share of the profit via a distribution from the Trust? How is this best structured to protect both me and him in event of accident, and what important things should the distribution agreement cover?

A. One of the areas that the ATO focuses on when conducting auditing a business is the people that work within it, and the level of salaries and wages they receive. Where the ATO can show that the profit of the businesses being inflated, by underpaying salaries, business owners can find themselves not only facing income tax penalties but also SGC and WorkCover penalties.

Your ability to distribute profits from your family trust to your nephew will not depend on a distribution agreement, but instead on the wording of your family trust deed. To distribute to your nephew he would either need to be named as a beneficiary of the trust in its deed, or be a relative of a named beneficiary.

Typically a family trust deed will state who the primary beneficiaries are, then allow profit to be distributed to secondary beneficiaries who are a relative of a primary beneficiary, and tertiary beneficiaries who are a relative of a secondary beneficiary. If you are not sure whether you trust deed will allow you to distribute to your nephew you should seek professional advice.

I do not believe you would receive the amount of protection you require by distributing profits to your nephew. As he will be working in your business you should pay him a commercial wage. As part of this process you would need to also pay WorkCover insurance, which provides the protection in the event of him having an accident, and also make compulsory super contributions.

If you did not have him as an employee and distributed profits you would be at risk if he had an accident, and also if the ATO audited your business he would classed as an employee and then pay SGC and WorkCover penalties.

Questions on small business income tax and other issues can be emailed to Max Newnham is a partner in the accounting firm TaxBiz Australia and founder of

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Australia’s skilled migrants: job outcomes improve but many skills still wasted

Inga Ting
Published: July 24, 2016 – 12:47PM

Many Australians have met migrants working in occupations far below their skills level: the dentist working as a cleaner; the former university lecturer driving a taxi.

But the tide appears to be turning for at least some of Australia’s skilled migrants, with new research showing that those arriving with tertiary qualifications in the past five years are twice as likely to work in their field as those who arrived more than 15 years ago.

Nearly 40 per cent of migrants who came after 2010 and already had tertiary qualifications are working in their field, compared with 20 per cent of those who arrived before 2001, according to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Policy changes focused on boosting the scale of skilled migration and enhancing English-language screening have greatly improved job outcomes for migrants, said Lesleyanne Hawthorne, an internationally-recognised migration expert from the University of Melbourne. Skilled migrants now make up more than two-thirds of migrants to Australia, up from less than half about 20 years ago.

“If you compare Canada and Australia in terms of skilled migration 15 years ago … about 60 per cent [of skilled migrants] were employed in six months,” she said.

“With Australia’s policy changes we’ve moved to 83 per cent within six months. Canada’s stayed pretty much the same.”

However, the gains for migrants attaining tertiary qualifications after arrival – mostly international students – have not been evenly distributed, Professor Hawthorne said.

For example, her own research shows that less than 10 per cent of recently-arrived migrants with degrees in business or commerce were employed in their field, compared with nearly 30 per cent for engineering, 57 per cent for medicine and 66 per cent for nursing.

Sisters Andrea and Audrey Kraal, who came to Australia from Malaysia as international students, had very different experiences in the graduate job market.

Andrea, who came to Australia in 2012 and completed a bachelor of mechanical engineering at UNSW, secured full-time employment even before she had graduated.

“In my second year [of studying in Australia] I got a part-time job at my current company as a mechanical engineer, and that’s how I got in,” Andrea said. “I was really lucky.”

By contrast, Audrey, who finished studying in 2009 and holds a bachelor in business and masters in accounting at UTS, needed months to find relevant work.

“It was really hard … There’s a lot of accountants out there. You’re competing with people who have more experience,” Audrey said.

Many accounting, business and IT graduates would have had similar experiences because these fields were oversupplied, Professor Hawthorne said. The problem was compounded by “shonky operators” in the private sector churning out students with very poor training, she said.

The government has since changed its policy so only bachelor or higher degree graduates are eligible for post-study work visas.

Australia imported skills to reduce the pressure under-investment in local skills creation, said UTS professor of sociology Andrew Jakubowicz.

And yet “historically … Australia has wasted a lot of the skills of its migrants,” he said.

Seven in 10 migrants who arrived after 2010 have tertiary qualifications, compared with four in 10 of those who arrived before 2001, ABS figures show.

“We pick the cream of the crop,” Jock Collins, professor of social economics at UTS Business School, said.

Immigrants are increasingly selected for their university qualifications but “in too many cases prospective employers do not recognise these qualifications once they are in Australia.”

“The cliche of medical professionals, PhDs and other highly educated immigrants driving cabs for a living or getting jobs as unskilled labourers is, sadly, very true today,” Professor Collins said.

Recently-arrived migrants make up 5 per cent of Australia’s tertiary-qualified workforce but 12 per cent of labourers, according to ABS figures.

The same research shows recently-arrived migrants workers are nearly twice as likely as Australian-born workers to have a university degree.

“This is a form of market failure,” Professor Collins said.

It hurts migrants’ occupational mobility and makes the Australian economy less productive and innovative, and yet it is immigrants who often get blamed for economic problems, he said.

Even migrants who tried to upgrade their skills or have their overseas qualification recognised faced hurdles because they often had to take up unskilled work while in training, said Stephen Castles, Research Chair in Sociology at the University of Sydney.

“Later on it’s very hard for them then to get a job that matches that qualification because they were already doing unskilled work,” Professor Castles said.

“The same goes for international students … who may have a well-recognised bachelors and come here for a masters or PhD, but while they’re studying, they’re doing unskilled work.”

However, Professor Hawthorne said Australia’s skilled migration program was the envy of other advanced economies.

“In world terms, Australia has exceptional outcomes,” Professor Hawthorne said.

“Not perfect, but exceptional.”

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Latest Book on 1965 war


Lieutenant General Tajindar Shergill and Captain Amarinder Singh’s book The Monsoon war is an encyclopedic work on 1965 India-Pakistan war. It is a detailed account of operations of all phases of 1965 war from the perspectives of junior officers. Authors have used extensive Indian material as well as Pakistani sources to provide a detailed picture of the conflict.

Book starts with the background of the conflict that culminated in open war in 1965. This is followed by details about the Run of Kutch conflict that was prelude to the war. Chapter five is especially a good read as it provides details of armor equipment of both armies and advantages and disadvantages. This helps the non-military reader to understand strengths and weaknesses of rival armies during the conflict. Authors provide details of some of the challenges faced by Indian army in the aftermath of Indo-China conflict of 1962. Rapid expansion of Indian army resulted in poorly armed and poorly trained formations. If Indian army was producing ‘nine months wonders’ for Indian army officer corps, Pakistan army was producing ‘pre-mature’ officers from Officers Training School with only eight months of training. In early 1960s, Pakistani officers were not happy with the pay as it had remained stagnant as well as lack of accommodations. When troops were used to construct accommodations, there was resentment among soldiers as they saw it below their dignity to work as laborers. Pakistani tanks had not carried out any tank firing for over two years as training ammunition provided by Americans was hoarded as ‘war reserve’. However, when war started majority of officers and soldiers on both sides fought to the best of their abilities.

Contrary to popular perceptions in Pakistan about Muslims of India, it is interesting to note that a number of Muslim soldiers and officers fought on Indian side. Lieutenant Colonel Salim Caleb (later Major General) was commanding 3rd Cavalry. 4th Grenadiers was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Farhat Bhatti (later Major General) and class composition of the battalion was A and B Jat, C Kaim Khani Muslim and D Dogra companies. GSO-3 of a division was Abdul Rasul Khan of 4th Grenadiers (later Colonel). Lieutenant Colonel Salim Chaudhri was CO of 4th Rajputana Rifles, Major A. K. Khan was 2IC of 8th Garhwal Rifles and B Squadron of 18th Cavalry was a Muslim squadron. Ironically, the platoon that ambushed Pakistani Brigadier A. R. Shami’s jeep in which he was killed was a Muslim platoon of 4th Grenadiers. Company Quartermaster Havaldar Abdul Hamid of 4th Grenadiers won a posthumous highest gallantry award Param Vir Chakra (PVC).

On page 108, it is suggested that change of command of 12th Division in the middle of operations from Major General Akhtar Hussain Malik to Major General Yahya Khan may be due to the fact that Malik was an Ahmadi (a heterodox sect of Muslims) and high command wanted to deny him the honor. The question of change of command has never been explained but sectarian factor was probably not the reason. Official ostracization and persecution of Ahmadis started much later in 1970s. At the time of 1965 war, disproportionately large number of Ahmadis was serving in all branches of armed forces. A number of Ahmadis were senior officers and many performed very well.

Book gives some insight into regimental intrigues. It is claimed that Corps Commander XV Corps Lieutenant General Katoch due to resentment over not being appointed Colonel of Sikh Regiment was responsible for not forwarding gallantry awards recommendations for 2nd Sikh Regiment. It is to the credit of Indian army as well as government that people were taken to the task for the acts of omission and commission. 161st Field Artillery Regiment serving under 10th Infantry Division abandoned its guns. Later, CO of the regiment was court martialled and GOC of 10th Division Major General B. D. Chopra was relieved of his command. GOC 15th Division Major General Niranjan Prasad was relieved of his command on September 07 and replaced by Major General Mohindar Singh. In fact irate Corps Commander XI Corps Lieutenant General Jogindar Singh Dhillon threatened Prasad with an immediate court martial in the field with the likelihood of being found guilty and shot. CO of 15th Dogra Lieutenant Colonel Indirjeet Singh was one step ahead of his retreating soldiers when panic struck the battalion. He first went straight to brigade headquarters and despite Brigade commander’s efforts raced all the way back to division headquarters. He was promptly placed under arrest, later court martialled, dismissed from service and given three year imprisonment sentence. CO of 13th Punjab was also removed from command. 48th Brigade Commander Brigadier K.J.S. Shahany was also relieved of his command and replaced by Brigadier Piara Singh. Pakistan army also penalized some officers but many were simply removed from the command and no detailed inquiries were conducted.

Book mentions role of some officers in 1965 war with amazing life experiences. Brigadier Anthony Albert ‘Tony’ Lumb was commander of 4th Armored Brigade of Pakistan army consisting of 5th Probyn’s Horse and 10th Frontier Force (FF). He was commissioned in 9th Royal Deccan Horse and this regiment was allotted to India in 1947. Tony opted for Pakistan army. In Khem Karan theatre, Tony was fighting against his old regiment Royal Deccan Horse of Indian army. In 1947 when Indian army was divided, Proby’s Horse and Deccan Horse had exchanged squadrons. In 1965, old Probyn’s squadron now carrying regimental color of Royal Deccan Horse was fighting against its own old regiment as Probyn’s Horse was part of 4th Armored Brigade. Tony was a Gallian; alumni of Lawrence College Ghora Gali. He migrated to Canada in 1967 where he died in 2013.

Major General Niranjan Prasad was commissioned in 4th Battalion of 12th Frontier Force Regiment (now 6 Frontier Force Regiment). This is parent battalion of current Pakistan army Chief General Raheel Sharif. Prasad was later seconded to Royal Indian Air Force (RIAF) as Flight Lieutenant and fought Second World War with air force. He served with No: 1 Squadron commanded by K. K. Majumdar. Even in this capacity, he saved his battalion. 4/12 FFR was in Burma and during withdrawal towards Sittang and in the fog of war was strafed by RIAF planes. Prasad recognized the markings of his own battalion and helped in stopping the strafing by calling off further attacks. Later, he commanded No: 8 Squadron. Many other army officers also joined RIAF and never reverted back to army. Asghar Khan later became Air Marshal and C-in-C of Pakistan air force and Diwan Atma Ram Nanda retired as Air Vice Marshal in Indian air force. Prasad reverted back to army as he had problems with his commander. In 1962 Indo-China war, he was commanding 4th Division, was blamed for the disaster of 7th Brigade and sacked. A humiliated Prasad went to the airfield alone and not even a Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) was sent to see him off. He petitioned the President against his sacking and was re-instated. 15th Division was raised in October 1964 and Prasad was appointed GOC. After the war games, his Corps Commander and Army Commander recommended his removal as he was found not fit to command. In a meeting with Chief of Army Staff (COAS), he was only given warning but not removed from the command. Chief gave the reason that Prasad had influence with higher authorities in Delhi and that they should ‘go easy on him’. Poor command cost Indian army dearly and a day after the start of the war Prasad was removed from the command. He had already written a representation against his sacking and Pakistanis got hold of it when his jeep was captured that contained his brief case.

Lieutenant (later Major) Shamshad Ahmed of 25th Cavalry of Pakistan army was the grandson of legendry Risaldar Major Anno Khan of 17th Poona Horse. Anno Khan decided to stay in India at the time of partition. His one son Yunus Khan also stayed in India, serving with 17th Poona Horse and retired as Risaldar. Anno’s other son Mehboob Khan had also served with 17th Horse and retired as Daffadar. In 1947, Mehboob decided to come to Pakistan. Mehboob’s son Shamshad Ahmad joined Pakistan army. In 1965 war, he was serving with 25th Cavalry of Pakistan army and his regiment fought against 17th Poona Horse; his family regiment. If Mehboob had decided to stay in India, it was very likely that his son Shamshad would have joined his family regiment and fighting against 25th Cavalry.

Indian and Pakistan armies are continuation of the Raj and they learned good sportsmanship from their British predecessors. They kept those traditions even during the war. In June 1965 during Run of Kutch operation Major Khusdil Khan Afridi (later Lieutenant General) of 8th Frontier Force Regiment of Pakistan army was captured. Afridi was winner of sword of honor of 4th Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) course. He was captured by Major Venky Patel (later Lieutenant General) then serving as OP of 1 Mahar commanded by Lieutenant Colonel (later General) K. Sundarji. Famous Indian actor Raj Kapoor’s hit movie Sangam was the talk of the day and Afridi requested if he could see the movie. He was taken under military escort to Ahmadabad to a theatre to watch the movie and then flown to Delhi to enjoy the fond memory of the movie during his captivity. Two pictures reproduced below taken immediately after ceasefire reflects the professionalism on both sides. In one picture Major Hira Singh is embracing Major Shafqat Baloch for putting up such a good show. In second picture, Indian officers are posing with their arms around their Pakistani counterparts when they met after cease fire. I remember another incident in 1971 war when an Indian officer after accepting the surrender of Pakistani officers took them to the mess and ordered a round of drinks before sending them off to captivity.

On page 1 is mentioned that Iskander Mirza was a former Major General in the Pakistan army and then transferred to the political service. This statement is incorrect as Mirza never served in Pakistan army. He was the first Indian commissioned from Sandhurst in 1920. Mirza joined his parent 33rd Cavalry Regiment stationed at Jhansi in 1922 after serving a year with a British regiment. Around the same time reorganization of Indian army was under way and 33rd Cavalry and 34th Cavalry were in the process of amalgamation to form 17th Poona Horse. Mirza remained with his regiment for only four years and transferred to Indian Political Service (IPS) in August 1926. He was Captain when he resigned his commission. He became Secretary Defense in newly independent state of Pakistan. Later, he became Governor General and President of Pakistan. Mirza was given the honorary rank of Major General for protocol purposes.

On page 2 it is mentioned that Ayub Khan’s father Mir Dad Khan was Risaldar Major of Hodson Horse. Mir Dad retired as Risaldar and not Risaldar Major of 9th Hodson Horse. He was enlisted in 1887 and during Great War; he went to France with his regiment in October 1914. He was evacuated to India due to ill health in 1915. He served with the regimental depot and retired in August 1918. He was awarded Order of British India (OBI) for his long and meritorious service but no gallantry award. During war, regiment’s list of Risaldar Majors includes Mir Jafar Khan, Malik Khan Muhammad and Dost Muhammad Khan. Mir Dad’s lifelong best friend and regimental buddy was Risaldar Muhammad Akram Khan and this friendship extended to the next generation. Mir Dad’s son Filed Marshal Ayub Khan and Akram Khan’s son Lieutenant General Azam Khan (4/19 Hyderabad Regiment) were close friends but in the end got estranged when jealousies of power crept in the relationship. On Page 83 CRPF is described as Central Reserve Peace Keeping Force but it should be Central Reserve Police Force.

On page 108, it is mentioned that ‘Yahya Khan was a Shia and a Pathan, as was Musa Khan’. This is only partially true as both were Shia but not Pathans. Major General Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan was Shia but Persian speaking Qazalbash from Peshawar while General Muhammad Musa Khan was a Shia but Persian speaking Hazara from Quetta. On page 233, it is mentioned that Lieutenant Khizar Ullah of 3 SP Field Artillery Regiment had won sword of honor at PMA Kakul. I have list of all sword of honor winners of PMA Kakul and didn’t find the above named officer. It may be a mistake.

Monsoon war is an excellent and very thorough work about the conflict. It is to the credit of both authors that despite close personal relationship with some senior officers, they have remained objective and critically evaluated the conduct of war by senior brass. This book should be on the shelves of every military institution of training and instruction of India and Pakistan. Three works are essential in the library of anyone who is interested in the history of 1965 Indo-Pakistan war. In addition to Monsoon war, the other two works are Lieutenant General ® Mahmud Ahmad’s and Major ® Agha H. Amin’s encyclopedic work on Indian-Pakistan war of 1965.

Lieutenant General Tajindar Shergill and Captain Amarinder Singh. The Monsoon War: Young Officers Reminiscence 1965 India-Pakistan War (New Delhi: Lustre Press Roli Books, 2015)

Hamid Hussain
April 29, 2016
Defence Journal, May 2016.

>>> everyone has a RIGHT to TELL his side of Story. Every soldier has a story = truth to tell. War is won by POWERFUL. There is no match between HUGE INDIA and Military blinded Pakistan where even Polio rules ! I am Pakistani and hate what Military has done to every brain and city of MY PAKISTAN. By Military I mean Zia’s Military ideology. <<<

Basic Math in Excel

Course summary: Basic math in Excel 2013

Let Excel be your calculator

With a simple formula, Excel can perform calculations on numbers using operators, such as the plus sign, and functions, such as SUM.

Add numbers

To add numbers, you use the plus sign (+). A formula always starts with an equals sign. Then type a number, a plus sign, another number, and then press Enter, and the cell displays the results.

Subtract numbers

Subtracting is similar to adding, except you use the minus sign (-). Click a cell, then a minus sign, then another cell, and press Enter.

Multiply numbers

Multiplying is similar to adding or subtracting, except you use an asterisk (*). Click a cell, then an asterisk, then another cell, and press Enter.

Divide numbers

Dividing is similar to multiplying, except you use a forward slash (/). Click a cell, then a forward slash, then another cell, and press Enter.


Click the cell to the right of a row or below a column. Then, on the Hometab, click AutoSum, verify that the formula is what you want, and click AutoSumagain.

AutoSum adds the row or column automatically.

Operator order

Excel uses the standard math rules of operator order in formulas. Calculations in parentheses are evaluated first, inner to outer if they’re nested. Exponents are evaluated next, then multiplication and division, working from left to right. Last in operator order are addition and subtraction, working from left to right.

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There are extremist Muslims but they are all SALAFI/WAHHABI or similar Taliban = USA creations

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Danish Bahi There are extremist Muslims but they are all SALAFI/WAHHABI or similar Taliban = USA creations. Why UAE or Dubai Islam so different ? It is not different. In Saudia and Pakistan etc CIA has given Mullahs Green Light to become violent.
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Future health issues in Pakistan

Pakistan faces a stunted generation in 15 years


ISLAMABAD: Malnutrition in the country will cost the nation heavily when 44 per cent of today’s children of ages up to five grow up as a stunted and unproductive generation in 10 to 15 years.

This premonition came from none other than the Director Nutrition in the Ministry of National Health Services, Dr Baseer Khan Achakzai, on Tuesday.

“Pakistan is in a state of nutrition emergency as most its nutrition indicators are worse than those in Sub-Saharan Africa,” the official told a seminar organised in connection with the Global Breastfeeding Week, which began over the weekend with the assistance from UNICEF.

Breastfeeding culture is quite dominant in Pakistan, he said, but practically it is far behind other South Asian countries as far as “early and exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months” is concerned.

“Protection of Breastfeeding and Child Nutrition Ordinance was promulgated in 2002 and Breastfeeding Rules came in 2009 but little efforts were made to enforce them both at national and provincial levels,” he said.

Dr Baseer suggested salt iodization and wheat flour fortification to ensure that population gets necessary vitamins and minerals.

On the other hand, National Fortification Alliance (NFA) Coordinator Dr Khawaja Masood Ahmed observed that the health sector alone cannot address the malnutrition problem.

“It is a multi-sector issue,” he said, referring to water and sanitation, education, agriculture and social protection sectors.

UNICEF Nutrition Chief Ms Melanie Galvin, however, counted “lack of awareness” in public as well as in general healthcare providers as “the main issue”.

Dr Baseer later told Dawn that 30 per cent of the children under five suffer from “acute malnutrition”, meaning they are just alive.

“In Pakistan, 38 per cent of mothers ensure exclusive breastfeeding whereas in Bangladesh and Nepal the ratio is 60 and 70 per cent,” he said.

“A newborn should be with the mother within one hour after birth, and be exclusively breastfed for six months – no water during this period. But here only 18 per cent babies are with the mother within an hour of birth,” he added.

In contrast, 41 per cent of mothers bottle-feed their babies, which is dangerous for their health. In Nepal that figure is just four per cent.

Published in Dawn, August 5th, 2015

Manipulating the Pakistani narrative

The problem with crowdsourced information is that those most ready to engage and with the most time to do so get to control information online
There are three crossroads in its pre-1971 history where Pakistan could have become the kind of inclusive, modern democratic state Pakistanis could be proud of. The first occasion was in 1958, had the general elections been allowed to take place under the 1956 Constitution. A pro-west elite feared the rising left in Bengal too much to allow it to win elections, which it most likely would have. Hence, we were inflicted with the Ayub-led military dictatorship by an unthinking civilian president, Iskandar Mirza. The second moment was in the presidential elections of 1964-1965. Fatima Jinnah — the combined candidate of most of the democratic parties — was wholeheartedly supported by the people of East Pakistan and had it not been for the rigging in the west, may well have beaten Ayub Khan decisively.
Finally, it was the 1970 elections whereas the clear winner, the would-be father of Bangladesh, Mujibur Rehman, begged Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to join a common cause against the military establishment. General Yahya Khan — more adept at dividing than ruling — managed to turn the two popular leaders of Pakistan on each other. Had there been a PPP-Awami League in 1970-1971, a modern, democratic and secular Pakistan would have emerged. In such a Pakistan Ahmedis could not be declared non-Muslims for one thing. It was this Pakistan, Jinnah’s Pakistan, which was laid to rest in 1971. Those who like to blame all of Pakistan’s ills on its founding should take note. A united Pakistan under the kind of democratic dispensation that slowly but surely was emerging would have been an exemplary country in this region, far ahead of India or any place else.
The alienation and separation of Bangladesh should have given our military establishment pause. It did not. Unlike the West Pakistani populace by and large, having been part of the popular struggle for Pakistan, Bengalis were not easily blackmailed in the name of Islam, which is what the regime increasingly did in the late 1960s and decisively under General Yahya Khan. He unleashed on Pakistan with full fury Abu Ala Maududi, the man who his predecessor, Ayub Khan, had described as a “dog” worthy of “lynching” and “an enemy of Islam”. Maududi, who had been a bitter opponent of Jinnah and the making of Pakistan, now set about infecting Pakistan with his own series of untruths and lies, mostly about the ideology of Pakistan. Maududi, with the encouragement of the state, went about with his abrasive propaganda against the Awami League in the main and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) as well. The idea was to emphasise the Islamic identity of Pakistan as a nation building exercise. Bengalis rejected this blackmail and went on to build their separate destiny, which they have done better than us.
Having lost its majority and with it the idea that it was the Muslim homeland in South Asia, the Pakistani establishment leaned heavily on the newly discovered Islamic ideology, with mania reaching a fever pitch in the 1980s under General Ziaul Haq. What was then limited to an exercise of re-writing history and textbooks in the country has now become an industry of its own, with autonomous actors carrying out the policy of their own accord, offline and online but especially online, which is the wave of the future.
A prominent example of this today is the crowdsourced encyclopedia, Wikipedia, taken to be the gospel truth by our semi-literate internet using population. It is clear that our deep state is obsessed with controlling information and moulding it to fit its narrative. On Wikipedia, a number of ‘users’ and ‘editors’ have been planted to ensure that only Pakistan’s official stance or the Nazaria-e-Pakistan is reflected in the pages on Pakistan. Consequently, the pages on Pakistan’s history read like a secondary school Pakistan Studies textbook. Even Jinnah’s famous August 11 speech is censored with Jinnah’s page — a featured article — making no reference to it at all. All alternative views on Pakistan’s constitution, role of religion and federalism are stifled by this group. The problem with crowdsourced information is that those most ready to engage and with the most time to do so get to control information online. Without any safeguards this is a dangerous proposition. If one were to venture a guess it would be that these manipulators of the Pakistani narrative on sites like Wikipedia and others are operating out of some nondescript building in Islamabad’s G sectors. The people behind Wikipedia have no idea what has hit them and anyone who raises a voice against them ends up getting his own contributions reverted. Freedom of speech is non-existent on Wikipedia when it comes to Pakistan.
There are of course non-state manipulators of knowledge as well. Take for example Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) activists on social media. They have been circulating an invented quote attributed to Jinnah that promises Pakistan to become a laboratory of Islam. Mr Jinnah is supposed to have made this comment speaking at Islamia College, Peshawar on January 13, 1948. It is fake because Jinnah was in Karachi on this date, not Peshawar. He did speak in Peshawar’s Islamia College on April 14, 1948 but his speech contains no reference to a laboratory of Islam. Yet, over time, this fake quote has come to be accepted as the truth by people, having made its way into textbooks as well. Countless such fabrications are being invented in Mansoora and being slipped into discourse on the Pakistan Movement and Jinnah. The refrain that Jinnah said all sorts of things to all sorts of people has come out of this, making Pakistan’s incorruptible and upright founder of the nation sound like a hypocrite.Unless and until Pakistan is able to revisit its narrative with more realistic self-analysis, it is bound to keep going in circles and repeating its mistakes. No matter how you look at it, the Pakistani federation is not strengthened by the foundational myth that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam, primarily because it was not and secondly because the foundational myth has failed to paper over real differences and constitutional issues that need to be reckoned with in order to build Pakistan as a true federation.
The writer is a lawyer based in Lahore and the author of the book Mr Jinnah: Myth and Reality. He can be contacted via twitter @therealylh and through his email address

How to Add Hibernate to the Power Options Available in Windows 8 & 8.1
One of the changes related to power options in Windows 8 and 8.1 is that the Hibernate option is not available by default, when accessing the Power menu. In order to use this feature, you have to activate it manually. That’s why, in this tutorial, I will share step-by-step information on how to enable the Hibernate option in Windows 8 and 8.1, so that it is displayed in the Power menu. Here’s how it is done:

What is Hibernate in Windows?

Hibernate (or suspend to disk) is a way to power off your system so that you can resume your activity exactly where you left off. It is similar to Sleep, except that the system is able to keep the hibernation state for much longer, with lower energy consumption.

Furthermore, the system can maintain the hibernation state even after disconnecting it from the power source. However, resuming the system will not be instant, like when using Sleep. The resume duration will be similar to the startup procedure after an ordinary Shut Down.

Activating Hibernate will use additional space on the partition where Windows is installed. The space it takes is approximately the equivalent of your RAM memory. This space is reserved for copying information about running programs, when you use Hibernate. Therefore, when you resume from Hibernate, all your opened programs, apps and files are available, exactly from where you left off prior to starting the Hibernate procedure.

Read this article on Wikipedia [1], if you want to learn more technical details about Hibernate and the way it works.

How to Activate Hibernate in Windows 8 & Windows 8.1

Before going ahead with this tutorial, please log on with a user that has Administrator permissions, so that you can perform the required changes.

To activate the Hibernate option, you should open the Control Panel [2]. Then, click or tap Hardware and Sound.

Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Power options, enable, hibernate, power menu

Next, click or tap Power Options.

Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Power options, enable, hibernate, power menu

Here is where you will change anything related to power plans and energy saving features, including enabling hibernation.

If you are viewing the Control Panel using large or small icons, click or tap on the Power Options icon.

Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Power options, enable, hibernate, power menu

In the Power Options window you will see the main section in the middle where you choose or customize the active power plan. More advanced options are available in the column found on the left side of the window.

Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Power options, enable, hibernate, power menu

On the left hand side, click or tap “Choose what the power buttons do”.

Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Power options, enable, hibernate, power menu

This will open the System Settings window, where you can set your system’s power management features.

Click or tap the link that says “Change settings that are currently unavailable”. The little shield corresponding to this action means that you need administrator rights to be able to make changes in the “Password protection on wakeup” and “Shutdown settings” sections.

Scroll to the bottom of the window, until you find the Shutdown settings section.

Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Power options, enable, hibernate, power menu

Check the Hibernate checkbox, then click or tap Save changes.

Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Power options, enable, hibernate, power menu

Hibernate is now enabled in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

How to Hibernate Your Windows 8/8.1 Tablet or PC

Hibernate has been activated and you can find it in the Power menu, used to Shut Down or Restart your system.

If you don’t know how to access this menu, read this tutorial: 6 Ways to Shut Down or Restart a Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 PC or Device [3].

Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Power options, enable, hibernate, power menu

If you want to deactivate Hibernate, use the same instructions as for enabling it, uncheck the Hibernate box and press Save changes.


Now that you know how to enable the Hibernate option in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, I would like to know what do you use more often: Sleep, Shut Down or Hibernate? What is the reason you prefer to do so?
Did you miss the Hibernate option when using Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 for the first time?