There are extremist Muslims but they are all SALAFI/WAHHABI or similar Taliban = USA creations

Very sad but true reality. I must add Middle East is still kept tribal by its “leaders”. They are not tax collecting countries in modern sense.

Adila Shah Yea they def have their problems but some of the things ppl r posting against Islam in general is just so disturbing. It’s getting very real in America now. The need for education on the topic.

Danish Bahi Yes Americans are becoming more anti – Islam. It will pass Adila. Just like WW 1 and WW 2 German and Japan A-Bomb hostilities passed. Russian and USA and UK were fighting Germany + Japan. Within couple of decades (around 1960s) Japan and Germany were BEST FRIENDS of USA and Russia became bad enemy.
So much lost in Vietnam …. now friends. Vietnam does not hold today’s USA as criminal for all those bad bombs and things USA did for so long in vietnam. WHEN DID VIETNAM threaten USA ? Just being communist became a crime (some domino theory).
Danish Bahi If Americans find faults in Islam, then tell them = All plane attackers of 9/11 were WAHHABI = Saudia “Islamists” except one. Plus this Saudia Royal family “creating” Wahhabi / Salafi “Islam” were put on Arabian population by UK ! After first world war OTTOMAN EMPIRE (Muslim) was broken up (Ottoman sided with loser Germany in WW1) and OTTOMAN ruled areas of Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Iraq etc = ALL THESE COUNTRIES did NOT exist and were CREATED by UK 1900s SUPER POWER = United Kingdom.
United Kingdom had a second go in Middle East after again winning WW2 and created Israel. Who sold Opium to China ? Muslims ? Took away Hong Kong ?

Danish Bahi Are Shia Muslim attacking anywhere as terrorists ? No. Are Sunni other than Wahhabi/Salafi attacking anywhere NO.
Wahhabis are fighting under Al-Baghdadi but Al-Baghdadi was playboy in UK and now trying to be a Wahhabi ! But with USA weapons. How did See More

Danish Bahi Biggest Muslim Country is Indonesia not Saudia. Islam Allows Women to drive. ISLAM of UAE (Dubai) is also full Sharia. So is Iran. EVEN Taliban of Afghanistan Always Allowed women to drive.
Islam in Pakistan and Turkey and Malaysia and Indonesia is not Saudia or Arab Racist Islam. Sorry to say but oil rich Arab Muslims are Racist and fact is every Muslim country (majority Muslim country) has its own Practice of Islam. Mr. Jinnah and Mr. Kamal Atta Turk were HONEST MUSLIMS and better than many Wahhabis.

Danish Bahi Islam (any branch of Islam) NEVER produced Monsters like Stalin, Hitler, Mao. Never.
How brutal were Spanish when taking over South America ? Fighting bows and arrows with Guns and Bullets. Why are 12 South American countries so corrupt ?

Danish Bahi In any case WHY USA and UK etc support bad Saudia so much ?
Taliban or Afghans never attacked USA, only crime was refusal to hand over Osama. Who created bad Taliban ? CIA.
Who was Osama ? = 100% Saudia “educated” then USA educated = Osama and ALL BIN-LADIN family. They all are STILL great friends of Bush. All Saudia Royal Family are full friends of USA.
This all “recent” terror against USA etc could be BLOWBACK of USA foreign policies.

Danish Bahi Another angle non-muslims need to be told is = IT is NOT Muslims threating USA, UK and Europe and Japan etc. IT is CHINA and RUSSIA able / ready to destroy USA.
Al-Baghdadi and others = these are suicidal death groups. Gone mad. Soon within months these “terrorists” will be pushed back in areas/lands they control and these wahhabi type terrorists will be destroyed. Books will be written and truth will be told how Al-Baghdadi got start with new best USA weapons ?

Danish Bahi There are extremist Muslims but they are all SALAFI/WAHHABI or similar Taliban = USA creations. Why UAE or Dubai Islam so different ? It is not different. In Saudia and Pakistan etc CIA has given Mullahs Green Light to become violent.
TTP TALIBAN and AL-BAGHDADI are Satan not Muslims. Taliban are also drug dealers. Muslim kids sitting in Sydney Australia get amazed by Al-Baghdadi violent videos and want to fight and bomb and die.

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