Solar Panels in Pakistan

People resort to solar panels for continuous power supply

ISLAMABAD: The residents of the twin cities are opting for solar panel systems to get uninterrupted electricity supply and bring relief in their lives during the hot summer season.The government is making all-out efforts to overcome the power crisis and for the purpose, a number of power generation projects have been launched, which would take some time to complete. However, at present, the demand and supply gap is surging in the wake of the rising temperature, due to which the duration of power outages is also increasing. People using generators run on petrol or diesel, complain of high fuel cost, while the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems lack back-up or power storage capacity to fulfil the needs during load-shedding.Though the use of solar panels is effective, but they are out of the reach of a common man because of the high installation cost. That is why the panels can be witnessed in the posh areas or houses of well-off people in other localities. Rizwan Ahmed, an industrialist, said that besides being reliable, the solar panels are more cost-effective than generators being run on diesel or petrol. The installation cost is high, but it is a onetime expense and then one could enjoy uninterrupted power supply for 24 hours, he added.“Installation of a 1,120 W solar panel costs Rs 392,000, but now I am enjoying 24-hour uninterrupted electricity supply,” said Shahid Abbasi, a resident of Sector I10. Rauf Khan, a shopkeeper at G8, who deals in solar panels, said that the sale of solar panels had increased in recent years. Most of the people complained that due to prolonged load-shedding, the UPS did not give the desired results. A single solar panel of 280W cost Rs 98,000, he added.






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