Air Blue A321 Crash Report

“…- FO simply remained a passive bystander in the cockpit and did not participate as an effective team member failing to supplement / compliment or to correct the errors of his captain assertively in line with the teachings of CRM due to Captain’s behavior in the flight….”

Actual CAA report is below : AIR BLUE  CRASHED ON 28 JULY 2010

“…8.3 During initial climb, the Captain tested the knowledge of FO and used harsh words

and snobbish tone, contrary to the company procedures/norms.

8.4 The question / answer sessions, lecturing and advises by the mishap Captain

continued with intervals for about one hour after take off.

8.5 After the intermittent humiliating sessions, the FO generally remained quiet,

became under confident, submissive, and subsequently did not challenge the

Captain for any of his errors, breaches and violations….”

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