Talk about Islam and Israel

Mirza Danish Jamal – This is USA. Name a single POLITICIAN who is not asked to PLEDGE full loyalty to foreign power Israel.
    • FRIEND – I know. It’s insane. What other nation mandates that in order to be in politics you must take a pledge of loyalty to a foreign power?
    • FRIEND – Jewish lobbies and Zionist Christians are traitors.
    • Mirza Danish Jamal Muslim are dumb (uneducated) – ……..
      Jewish very clever. Wise on money saving too. Different smart culture. I say us Muslims should learn from.
      Sometimes I think I know why we Muslims are kept into this state ! Not a single country industrialsed. Malaysia or Turkey may become Industrialsed but When ? UN security council zero for Muslims. So ….. About traitors ? YES each US politician confessing half loyalty to Israel is a TRAITOR. These traitors let Israeli spies in USA go free. As you would remember Karla. USA hate in Muslim countries is because of USA foreign policies. CIA wants expansion = Like Industrial complex = A war every ten years is good for careers in CIA. More looter Govts overseas the better.
    • FRIEND – I just read that the CIA is going to offer Gitmo detainees freedom,protection and money in exchange for spying for them. Mirza,I have heard Muslims say they do not want a democratic form of government and prefer sharia in the same fashion it has always been from ancient times. It is their right,of course,but it makes for great difficulties for them,I think.
    • Mirza Danish Jamal Yes. Like China is facing exactly you are saying. Sharia is UNWORKABLE in 1800 and 2013. Like slavery and stoning allowed. Islam and Sharia gave lots of rights to women in their 700 AD period. Other religions also allow slavery and one religion in pure form does not allow divorce at all. Islam is more liberal in some way. Women are not objectified (from young age). Etc. BUT BUT BUT those were the times – those times did not had IMPRISONMENT as punishment for crimes so hand cut needed to STOP stealing. Every religion in old pure form will now go against human rights.
      Let me simply (in short blame everything on USA) say if ever SAUDI Govt improves itself = ISLAM will improve. Why Saudi Govt allow girl participation in Olympics – only in 2012 ? Not before ? DUBAI and UAE has long ago left SAUDI ISLAM far behind. Knee length skirts for Muslim Emirates Airline Cabin Crew= Every Muslim is proud of Dubai and this Airline. Uneducated only VISIT Saudia for Hajj and uneducated get deceived by oil RICH (loot) ROYAL FAMILY trying to (say) Disobey King = Disobey Koran. = Cancelling Saudi Citizenship is a kind (unislamic) Punishment from these USA friend (servant) ROYAL FAMILY that was installed on this country.
    • This mob (Saudis) are so BAD BAD that ALL country has LOST its identity !! Country has FAMILY NAME Saudia ! UK after 1st world war put this MONSTER killer of Muslims SAUD in 1919s on a country now lost its name – so call it Saudi’s.
    • See Islam in WORLD’s Biggest Muslim COUNTRY ! Indonesia ! Muslim girls DRIVE motorbikes and cycles ALONE !! Other Muslim countries are not EVEN shown MUSLIMS in Indonesia have to have real life living without oil. I am sure CIA will never like Pakistanis to be shown HOW Islam is in world’s biggest Sunni country = Indonesia.
  • FRIEND – Wow! I had no idea!
  • Mirza Danish Jamal I suffer these monsters Karla. Not you. I better go and look after my daughter. Its 12 midday and still sleeping !! Karla I TOO had NEVER seen Muslim girls life in Indonesia – Also DUBAI Ruler (real owner of Dubai) Always makes Public statements with room full of people PLUS PLUS ALWAYS ALWAYS a Knee length skirt girl holding office papers. WE are OPEN for Business Karla. Saudia is ALSO open for BUSINESS only Royals there know SAUDI OIL WILL NOT run out in 200 more years. Dubai has little oil of its own and UAE’s oil may last few decades !! So better LIFE than Saudia.


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