World Polio Day : Aseefa urges society, media to help eradicate polio

World Polio Day : Aseefa urges society, media to help eradicate polio – October 25, 2013\10\25\story_25-10-2013_pg7_14

KARACHI: On the occasion of World Polio Day, Aseefa Bhutto Zardari urged all sections of society and media to support efforts to eradicate polio from Pakistan.
Aseefa emphasised on measures to completely eradicate the potentially fatal and infectious disease of polio from the country and achieve the status of polio-free Pakistan. “Let us all, as a nation, be united for the sake of our own children,” she said. “I feel a special responsibility towards eradicating polio from the country, as I was the first ever Pakistani child to have been administered polio drops by my mother Shaheed Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto as the prime minister of Pakistan, when the anti-polio campaign was formally launched on April 27, 1994 under her watch.”
“My mother left a great vision and I will give my best to carry her legacy to make Pakistan a polio-free country,” said Aseefa. “I salute the brave anti-polio workers on the ground, going door to door to ensure children’s safety. I would like to thank WHO, UNICEF, The Gates Foundation, Rotary International and so many others for their continued support. Awareness is the first step towards prevention. I will and I hope others will join me too into continuing to spread the word, go door to door and help in any way they can help to achieve a polio-free Pakistan. Our commitment must be unwavering.”
Aseefa said that now is our chance to beat polio and we must seize it. “Polio is preventable and we must do everything possible to make Pakistan polio-free and save our children from this crippling disease.”

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