Why China is getting richer

  • By POPULATION control so investment cash is spend on new roads and new factories, water and electricity spread to places Already Needing them INSTEAD of exploding population asking for defaulter power subsidies and food import and new more poor schools and hospitals. China and Pakistan do NOT have oil that we can breed like 7 kids each woman and then country not having medicine or Dai like Pakistan.
  • Mirza Danish Jamal China killed off its Mullah type Zamindar mentality 70 years ago. One child policy was going to bring prosperity for sure. Still it took 25 years and more to cover damage done by LARGE FAMILY then cry poor mentality. Their GOVERNMENT will arrest if ANYONE steals ELECTRICITY. Our Mullah never told us if anyone steals electricity SOON there will be NO electricity. 30% line loses and DREAM china.
  • Mirza Danish Jamal Pakistan already is 6th largest populated country in world and illiterates can not read what I write in FB. So making Pakistan = Afghanistan. Keep women uneducated you get Afghanistan NOT GERMANY after WWII and Japan too recovered in 15 years after A-Bomb !! Why ? Women all educated always in China too.

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