Tax free Pakistan

  • totally agree…but why so much aid then…if the tax was distributed correctly by maintaining infrastructure they wouldn’t need so much aid…that’s the whole point of the story!!
  • Mirza Danish Jamal This shows DAMAGE done to ALL Pakistanis by wrong media and Government education. West is RICH and JUST society because their Government TAX and SPEND. West’s Electricity and Gas is very EXPENSIVE and has taxes in ELECTRICITY too. ALL Pakistanis think REASONS not to pay Market rate of Sui Gas and ELECTRICITY. Army knew Dam and Sometimes rivers can give enough ELECTRICITY. People will destroy Zia ul Haq if he stops people from stealing and asks for ELECTRICITY West type RELIABILITY and prices. You can charge and waste Sui Gas as you like because gas GENERATOR import are not like electricity. GENERATORS imported from HIGH TAX countries are needed and FUEL and “free” coal is needed to produce every unit of Electricity. Do not believe newspapers when they say prices are going up. If your population DOUBLES every 25 years FOOD and new ELECTRICITY needs TAXES to help next generation INVESTMENT. Its not Mullah’s job to tell us >>> PAY TAXES<<< for roads and NON-CORRUPT police. Everyone wants to be popular (except me) no one tells THERE is ISLAMIC TAX on every gram of GOLD your women own. Do you pay your religious DUTY ? No ? How could Zia ul Haq or Ayub make us better TAX PAYERS ?
  • Mirza Danish Jamal Really West’s leaders do not WANT MUSLIM countries to become tax paying INDUSTRIALISED countries. Good on UK parliament members to rebel against POLICIES to keep Muslim countries CORRUPT ::
    “….No extra cash for Pakistan without rich paying tax: MPs

    LONDON: Britain should not increase aid to nuclear-armed Pakistan unless Islamabad tries to make its wealthy elite pay more taxes, British lawmakers recommended on Thursday.
    Britain is due to double its assistance to Pakistan to £446 million in 2014-2015, making it the biggest recipient of British aid. But parliament’s International Development Committee said it was unfair for Britain to fund health and education projects unless Pakistan’s new government, due to be elected in May, tackles “rife” corruption and tax evasion.
    “We cannot expect the people in the UK to pay taxes to improve education and health in Pakistan if the Pakistan elite is not paying income tax,” the committee said in a report.
    “Pakistan’s rich do not pay taxes and exhibit little interest in improving conditions and opportunities for Pakistan’s poor.”
    Citing figures from the Pakistan Board of Revenue, the committee said only 0.57 percent of Pakistanis paid income tax last year — and that no one has been prosecuted for income tax fraud for at least 25 years.
    Less than 30 percent of Pakistan’s members of parliament pay tax, it added.
    The committee said there was a “powerful case” for continuing aid to Pakistan, a country with “real poverty and serious security problems” as well as strong links to its former colonial power.
    But it added that past donations have often failed to reach poor Pakistanis because of corruption.
    Asked about the report, a spokesman for the Pakistani foreign ministry said it was “a matter of common knowledge” that “all political circles and non-circles have been emphasising the need to broaden the tax base”.
    But Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry also told reporters the Pakistani government “would like to focus more on trade and less on aid”.
    Britain’s international development ministry said aid to Pakistan was “predicated on a commitment to economic and tax reform”. “We have made it clear to government and opposition politicians in Pakistan that it is not sustainable for British taxpayers to fund development spend if Pakistan is not building up its own stable tax take,” a spokesman said.
    “Following the election we will make available practical assistance to the incoming government to help deliver reform of the Pakistan tax system and work with the IMF, but tax and economic reform must take place.”
    Foreign aid amounts to 0.7 percent of the UK’s gross national income and is one of only three sectors, alongside health and education, which has been ring fenced as other departments suffer deep cuts to their budgets.
    In 2011-12 Britain’s overseas development spending reached almost 9 billion pounds, including that by the Department for International Development (DFID) and aid delivered bilaterally by other government departments, official statistics show.
    DFID said it will help Pakistan to reform its tax system, but a spokesperson noted UK development assistance in Pakistan is predicated on a commitment to such reforms and to helping lift the poorest out of poverty.
    No comment could be immediately obtained from the Pakistan High Commission in London but High Commissioner Wajid Shamsul Hasan, speaking earlier to the BBC, urged the UK to maintain its aid, adding that net tax collection had increased from one trillion Pakistan rupees (6.72 billion pounds) at the beginning of the century to two trillion by the end of 2012.
    “I would say that they should be paying knowing well what sort of problems we have put into by this 30-year-long war against terrorism in the region,” he said.
    “We have spent $67 billion since 2011 in this war against terror, our infrastructure has been destroyed, our education has been destroyed.”
    Britain, home to a one-million strong Pakistani diaspora, one of the largest in the world, currently gives Pakistan 267 million pounds a year. agencies\story_5-4-2013_pg7_3

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  • Bulleh Abbas anyonr that believes that taxing a people makes a nation stronger is a fool.

    Most modern money is printed from thin air, so to tax people to pay off intrest on money printed from thin air is a crime.

    Central banks are thw modern theifs..

    Moder taxation is enslavment…
  • Mirza Danish Jamal Yes Bullah bhai your THINKING is shared by everyone in Pakistan. I am wrong and you and your Pakistan and its direction is right. Ayub told us Pakistanis that Price Controls and very little CAR and PROPERTY TAXES are Pakistan’s future. So today’s Pakistan at the FEET of USA etc etc and Kafir China’s feet. Saudi oil rich USA cleaned feet. Korea has become RICH recently so LITTLE TAX collected Pakistan on Korea and Kafir IMF’s disaster feet. More Taliban love = Poor Ayub’s created EDUCATION. IDIOTS do not LOOK at UK and USA etc why our “lucky ones” love to LIVE and BRING UP our MUSLIM families in these BIKINI HIGH TAX HIGH SOCIAL SPENDING countries. There is NO oil for Pakistan to be like Middle East.
  • Mirza Danish Jamal I want more opportunities to tell Pakistanis what went wrong for PAKISTANIS since even Ayub . His rent control and lawless tenants and no Tax and Bhutto as minister. Any poor worker or Factory allowed in General’s INDUSTRIALIZATION ? Does today’s Pakis…See More
  • Mirza Danish Jamal Because Mullah does not ask people to pay Government Taxes so Taxes must be wrong !!! So uneducated in ISLAM our Mullah is.
    My Muslims brothers and sisters PLEASE you must pay HEAVY Quran ordered TAXES on GOLD you and your women own or keep. Zia’s reach was only to our BANK ACCOUNTS. Our idiots never tell Pakistanis what Quran orders. Like cutting of hands of ELECTRICITY stealer/s. I WANT REAL ISLAM too.
  • Bulleh Abbas ok Mirza, u r confusing me.. The conversation is about tax not Islam.. Modern tax is not to inrich goverment but central banks
  • Mirza Danish Jamal Yes thank you Mr. Bulleh. Very few people EVEN ever get a chance to read ideas like my writings above. If we LIVE in Pakistan we know MENTALITY. We are Muslims but steal electricity. Yes as YOU say Tax has nothing to do with Islam. Zia ul Haq’s Taliban education = today’s Pakistan. Muslim HOUSE OWNER can not kick out Muslim tenant because AYUB created RENT CONTROL laws stopping rights of City House Owners. YES no one SAYS what I say. NO ONE EVER hears WHAT I, MIRZA JAMAL has to say about Pakistan and its support for tax free education of Pashtoon provided FREE by Saudia = Taliban.

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