This shows DAMAGE done to ALL Pakistanis by wrong media and Government education. West is RICH and JUST society because their Government TAX and SPEND. West’s Electricity and Gas is very EXPENSIVE and has taxes in ELECTRICITY too. ALL Pakistanis think REASONS not to pay Market rate of Sui Gas and ELECTRICITY. Army knew Dam and Sometimes rivers can give enough ELECTRICITY. People will destroy Zia ul Haq if he stops people from stealing and asks for ELECTRICITY West type RELIABILITY and prices. You can charge and waste Sui Gas as you like because gas GENERATOR import are not like electricity. GENERATORS imported from HIGH TAX countries are needed and FUEL and “free” coal is needed to produce every unit of Electricity. Do not believe newspapers when they say prices are going up. If your population DOUBLES every 25 years FOOD and new ELECTRICITY needs TAXES to help next generation INVESTMENT. Its not Mullah’s job to tell us >>> PAY TAXES<<< for roads and NON-CORRUPT police. Everyone wants to be popular (except me) no one tells THERE is ISLAMIC TAX on every gram of GOLD your women own. Do you pay your religious DUTY ? No ? How could Zia ul Haq or Ayub make us better TAX PAYERS ?

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