Pakistan Government CAN NOT import and pay for NEW ITEMS people badly need FROM Iran like GAS and PETROL because Pak Govt has FOOD IMPORTS and permanent PETROL import needs. Add to it already SUBSIDIES and DISASTER of POPULATION INCREASE every year SHOWS as DEPRIVED NEW GENERATION even more ready for ANY CRAZY SOLUTIONS !! Living in DREAM USA HATING WORLD like Cuba and old China. Thats even more pity !

PAKISTAN GOVERNMENT FOREIGN EXCHANGE PAYS FOR = “…..Pakistan meets less than 30 per cent of its edible oil requirement through domestic sources and imports more than 70 per cent. Import of edible oil constitutes a large chunk of our food import bill. “There is a need to raise production of sunflower and canola seeds,” remarks Mr Amjad Rashid, a former chairman of Pakistan Vensapati Manufacturers Association. “We can grow palm trees initially using imported seedlings. In the beginning Malaysia too had used Nigerian palm seedlings.”

Pak food imports up by 75pc

INDEPENDENT WEBSITE BELOW tells truth about Pakistan’s BANKRUPT Grain Storage

The country’s food import bill would increase to $ 7.943 billion during the outgoing financial year 2010-2011 against the government target of $ 2.416 billion mainly due to the failure of crops because of unprecedented floods in the country.

It might be mentioned here that on one side the government imported wheat during the outgoing fiscal year while on the other side the poor farmers were found in search of appropriate forum to sale their yields at proper costs.

Moreover, it was learnt that government had very short storage capacity for agri crops and this added to the miseries of farmers, especially during the floods, when the farmers were out to save their crops from flood waters but they could not find safe place (storages) for this purpose.

The EU had banned the import of seafood from Pakistan in 2007, when it found seafood storage to be unhygienic, with an inability to maintain the cold chain and other issues. Exports to the EU have remained banned since then. Although Pakistan’s exports of seafood increased as they discovered other export markets, yet they garnered lower prices.


Oil, food import bill up by 22pc

21 June, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s oil and food import bill has went beyond $18 billion in eleven months of (July-May) the outgoing financial year 2011-12 mainly due to the higher oil prices in international market, revealed the official figures of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Wednesday.

Top Products Imported by Pakistan



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