Its not difficult to find “new” reliable leadership in ANY honest or corrupt country !!!

  • Yes Mike its not difficult to find “new” reliable leadership in ANY honest or corrupt country !!! I thought for DECADES and still its simple answer !! Most Teachers, Doctors and Engineers etc etc in ANY country are HONEST. Those never employed by Government who when choosing a profession NEVER wanted corruption career are AVAILABLE . But Look at WHAT my USA did in Kabul and Baghdad after their liberation !!! Same OLD corrupt system and “leaders” handpicked for BUSH by “his” CIA and US Military intelligence choice for Iraq was EVEN MORE corrupt !!!
  • Jihadi Mirza Jamal These are comments by me who openly hopes for best and “loves” USA and West !!! What a Shame Iraq and Afghanistan could have HONEST Teachers, Doctors and anyone else who worked 20 years without corruption even in GOVERNMENT departments such as finance ministries, tax department clerks and IF YOU FIND anyone HONEST in CUSTOMS department working for 10 years and living in rented poor places = THESE people should run our countries for (say) 5 years and then another similar background person. You can have TEACHERS POLITICAL PARTY win one election and RAILWAY Workers Party next and third 5 years we vote for joint Party of TEACHERS and YOUNG DOCTORS etc etc. But USA wants corruption sadly. Its so easy for RICH in USA and PAKISTAN etc to enslave political parties etc and hijack the WHOLE COUNTRY and then same political party runs the country for decades. See Russia.

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