ICC needs more Asians. Open corruption causes DAMAGE to Asians in all fields.

The ICC Cricket Committee: Anil Kumble, Allan Isaac, Dave Richardson, Geoff Allardice, Andrew Strauss, Mark Taylor, Kumar Sangakkara, Tim May, Gary Kirsten, Clare Connor, David White, Trent Johnston, Ravi Shastri, Steve Davis, Ranjan Madugalle, David Kendix.  NO PAKISTANI?
  • Jihadi Mirza Jamal         International Cricket Council is “elected body”. It used to be all white British affair. British had controlled Cricket Rules by saying we have most COUNTY cricket in Britain so we set the rules. Of course today still very few non-whites. ICC also sets anti-corruption systems. Pakistani “name” is more RUINED than even Indian !!! How can ICC reduce corruption when ICC puts even one player or official from most notorious country ? ICC is not Pakistani institution or Bank that can be given orders to like Pakistani courts are still not FREE. ICC will remain white as long as whites are more honest than non-whites. Even when ICC is nearly all non-white. Become HONEST country and see ICC invitations coming to you. Sorry Mac I am very harsh. Even bowling actions of some players are illegal. And these “players” want ICC to accept them !!! Military never destroyed ICC. Corrupt culture has damaged ICC but Pakistan and India are very corrupt.
  • Jihadi Mirza Jamal           Like Mac Khan I also cry that we Asians are not given our rights in this white man’s world..   Also India has PEACE to hold cricket while Pakistan is HOME of TERRORISTS who hate foreigners !!! Army’s Pakistan has no security and dreams as if NOTHING is WRONG with Pakistan and Pakistanis are FRIENDLY to FOREIGNERS ????

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