Population = Good News = More Servants & Higher Property Prices

Yesterday I just put “Population projections Pakistan” in Google and spend only 30 minutes FEELING HAPPY Pakistan is the PLACE to RETIRE.

Old people like me do not need a/c as we do not feel hot as young people do. Also we can move to Islamabad. Good drinking water there.

Below is Google search results or my 30 minute research :   MASHALLAH. We chose ZIA ul HAQ than Mr. JIHHAH.
“…The UN Population Division projects that Pakistan will overtake Brazil and Indonesia in the next forty years  to rank fourth in world population. They predict the Pakistani population will almost double to 335 million from its current 180 million in this period….”
http://mydailyclarity.com/2009/07/un-pakistan-population-to-double-within-40-years/     Read to the end and you find Pakistan will continue to HATE USA !! Wow that bad magazine. Never heard of it before.


Pakistan’s own GREAT WEBSITE telling us  Pakistan (In millions)

Total Urban Rural
173.51 63.05 110.46




Its 2.03% population growth rate is the highest among the SAARC countries and gives an annual increase of 3.6 million. The population is projected to reach 210.13 million by 2020 and to double by 2045. In 1947, Pakistan had a population of 32.5 million.[175][216] From 1990 to 2009 it increased by 57.2%.[217] By 2030 it is expected to overtake Indonesia as the largest Muslim country in the world.[218][219][220] Pakistan is a ‘young’ nation, with a median age of about 20 and 104 million people under 30 in 2010.[175]



For the world as a whole, the number of children born per woman decreased from 5.02 to 2.65 between 1950 and 2005. A breakdown by region is as follows:

  • Europe – 2.66 to 1.41
  • North America – 3.47 to 1.99
  • Oceania – 3.87 to 2.30
  • Central America – 6.38 to 2.66
  • South America – 5.75 to 2.49
  • Asia (excluding Middle East) – 5.85 to 2.43
  • Middle East & North Africa – 6.99 to 3.37
  • Sub-Saharan Africa – 6.7 to 5.53

This page also includes RESOURCES and WATER. PAKISTANI TEXT BOOKS (PAK MILITARY) tells new generations PAKISTAN is FULL of RECOURCES. Its NOT.


Everyone hates WIKIPEDIA. Pakistanis do not read Demographics of Pakistan

Foreign born population in Pakistan

The second biggest group of foreign born population consists of Muslim refugees from Afghanistan that have settled in Pakistan due to civil war in Afghanistan. The smaller groups consist of Muslim refugees from Burma, Iraq, Somalia, Bangladesh, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, etc.



HERE it IS free LOOK into FOREIGNPOLICY dot COM   <<< Very funny>>>

“…Pakistan’s 2011 census kicked off in April, but less than three months later, it is embroiled in controversy. Several members of the Sindh Census Monitoring Committee have rejected as “seriously flawed” the recently completed household count. They allege that census workers, directed by an unspecified “ethnic group,” have counted Karachi’s “inns, washrooms, and even electric poles” as households in an effort to dilute the city’s native “Sindhi” presence…”


UNITED NATIONS Pakistani research REPORT and see Zia ul Haq’s period as very high each woman birth  rate on PAGE 2 of 12 page pdf.

Above report is written by ZEBA A. SATHAR of Population Council of Pakistan. She says CONTRACEPTION use rates have hardly risen between 1975 to 91.


 “….A “youth bulge” can produce large increases in population unless potential parents have ready access to family planning services. Between now and 2050 Pakistan’s population is projected to grow from 169 million to 295 million; Afghanistan’s population is expected to surge from 32 million to 82 million….”

“….Global population growth is contributing to deforestation, the loss of important bio-habitats, and the extinction of animal and plant species.  Edward O. Wilson, the Harvard ecologist, estimates that 30 to 50 percent of all species could face extinction by 2050 due to human population pressures….”


Very good graph popups with this website. It shows Japan and Russia etc with reducing populations. OUR PAKISTANI PRESS tells us Russia and Japan are going to disaster because of REDUCING POPULATION. Thats WRONG. Kids in reducing population countries have BEST SCHOOLS and more FOOD etc etc.


“….In her article, Yusuf stressed that educating girls is as important as family planning and information services.  She also stressed, however, that the government’s new policy is:

…short on innovative solutions to address myriad shortfalls in service delivery. For example, little attention is paid to the fact that men must be included in all family planning initiatives. And while there is a call to engage religious leaders in spreading information about contraceptives, no concrete plans for training, outreach and counseling through mosques or madressahs is put forward. There can be no doubt, however, that such campaigns are necessary: one study states that ‘psychosocial’ issues, including a husband’s opposition and perceived religious condemnation, account for 50 per cent of barriers to contraceptive use reported by women….”


GOOD LUCK living in high birth rate country from Saudia to Pakistan.


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