Yes I am aware Zia ul Haq made today’s values of Pakistan.

who you calling master and who you calling slave you idiot we are muslims we are not masters and slave of each other. you have stupid mentality infact you are fitnabaz . pakistan is a muslim country and we are muslims we do not want more countries within muslim country we need unity among muslims . those haramis who want freedom for stupid same system what they may call democracy is against islam.sooner or later inshallah there be sharia law in pakistan and inshallah after frdeeom of kashmir from india there be sharia law too. we fight for islam you fight for democracy or maybe communism . our dead are shaheed your dead will burn. may allah guide us all.

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    • Jihadi Mirza Jamal Arif sahib its good you want to SPREAD your ideas like I do BUT lets NOT feed Pak and Indian Army fat cats. Just LIKE YOU Balouch and KASHMIRI people have a RIGHT to be free from Punjabi dictation. EVERY group of people HAVE a right of be FREE from “Majority” control. No matter what I say or You Say or Imran says or Zia said or did = THE kids of Balouch and Kashmir WILL decide who they LIKE and WHO thjey will THROW stones at and hate on FB !!!!
    • Arif Friaz jihadi please do not spread hate between muslims we are one ummah of rasool allah (sw) we must speak the truth and preach unity among all muslims . we do not need more countries with muslim country what is needed is sharia law which provides peace justice securityand unity for all muslim be we from blochetan punjab or kashmir. may allah unite us all. ameen.
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    • Jihadi Mirza Jamal In My and our Pakistan Pak Army Generals are ABOVE law and live in clean free places while rest of pakistan gets no Investment but crap pluted minds who want taliban not mr. Jinnah type leaders. Open your eyes to ruin of pakistan.
    • Jihadi Mirza Jamal I lovr You and all pakistanis And All Muslims. i hate zia control.
    • Pak Kashmir afsos ye bohat bara palen hai. azadi or shnahat ke naam par . ye saach hai har kisi ko apni city ya gahon se peayr huta hain . iss tarah ki guroon ne game ki hai . ab wo jaldi kamyab hu jayen gey . iss ke piche bohat si batiun hain. indian ne 375 Dem bana raha hai .koch makambal hu gey hai. or ju koch pani kashmir se pakistan jata hai uss ko bi kham rook len . or bi iss tarah ki bohat si batuin hain. Agr gorre iss tarah kamyab hujate hain tu pihr tu bat hi khtam hu gyi . or kamyab ni hute tu ye balochstan se bi zeda hatarnaak hu ga. wase bi is tarah ki azad kashmir me kafi chuti chuti partys bani ja rahi hain . ju apne apne furom se kam karne gyi . jin sab ka maqsad ak hi hu ga pakistan se alag huna . abi ye hi batya ja raha hai ke pakistan ke salat khamara koi masla ni kham apni shnahat chahte hain . iss tarah sab musilmano ko apni shnahat mil rahi hai app ke samne hai kiya hu raha hai musilmano ko .sab aik dosre se nafrat karte hain . isi tarah karchi me bafi had tak kamyab hu rahe hain muslim dushman . balochistan me bi asa hi hai. phtano me bi koch asa hi hai .baki punjab hai wo jab azad kashmir me bi islam dushman kamyab hu gey tu wo punjab me bi kamyab hu jaye gey . iss tarah totne se kisi ko koi mulak nai mile ga . sab koch guron ke ander rahe ga . ju word ka map banya hai unu ne us par ye kam hu raha hai . kham ko samj hi nahi aa rahi wo bari azadi ye sab ko bata rahye hai ke 2020 me asa word map hu ga or kham pihr un ka saat de rahye hain . or kham media ko kahte hain ke unu ne Brma ke bare koch ni dekhya tv par . tu kham ko sa musilmano se peayr kar rahye hain yahan bi kal ko brma hi bane ga . app ko ye bi pata hu ga ke india ne UN se apil ki hai ke 20000 rafiuji ko kashmir ke badar par jaga di jaya . us par tu koi ni bola . ye bohat bari deshgardi ka palen hain . pakistan bohat hi mushkil me hain awam ke saat bohat hi zulim hu raha hai . kham ko un ka saat dena chahye na ke is mushkil wakat me musilman ka dawa bi karte hain or apna apna mulak bi magte hain . aghr pihr bi kisi ko samj na ai tu . yaad rahe 2020 wala map saach hi hu ga .
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    • Jihadi Mirza Jamal Taliban or Zia ul Haq are real MUSLIMS. Lets close coeducational universities and girl schools. EVEN USA has failed to control this “drama” by AZAD Afghan DRUG lords and Pak terrorists …. Lal Mosque ZINDABAD.
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    • Arif Friaz jihadi we have bad apples yes in every country there is good and there is bad those who are bad in pakistan i dont speak for them . what i am saying to you is do not blame islam for the acts of few.zia is gone more are going so will we. but ummah of rasool allah will remain for short term pleasure and fame for yourself do not divide muslims kabrun main jana hae allah se dar. as for afghan mujahideen are concerned not only i but world over know that afghans are mujahid people if you dont think so ask russians and ask american army. i am with all those who do jihad against invaders and those who strive and struggle for sharia law in the land. jihadi if you are muslim you should know what islam says about womens education and drugs and other matters. about lal masjid even if musharaf repents even then on day of judgement youg girls (shaeed) of lal masjid will grab musharaf for what he did and ask allah for justice. agarche buut hain jamat ki astinu main mujahe hae hukam e azan la ilaha illalah.let me ask you very simple question. are you for sharia law in kashmir ? yes or no.
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    • Jihadi Mirza Jamal I do not want Zia or Taliban type Sharia. You want to ignore Zia’s ten long years and Pskistsn has Sharia laws already! Ofcourse we need Taliban type Sharia. No or yes? would your Amir allow TV ? Answer should be no otherwise your Sharia is different than Taliban. Girl education is loved by Kashmiri and Punjabis! Brother are you Pashtoon? Are your women educated? NOT ONLY I WANT RILIGION NOT BE USED BY AMIR OR PRESIDENT TO CONTROL PEOPLE BUT I ALSO WANT MY FAMILY TO VOTE IN THEIR LIVES. PAKISTAN already have enough Sharia. I am also a pakistani who fully supports Full education of all women and girls. Women have done a lot in freedom struggle of Kashmir can a woman stand for local elrctions?
      Is there a place for me and my ideas or Amir will jail me? I can not be shutup will FB shut down? would you take a job in Sharia government or you will keep your distance and remain a bit independent of office?
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    • Jihadi Mirza Jamal Mr. Jinnah is my role model not moulana muddudi. If Saudi royal family is acceptable then USA should be your country’s big friend too. Come on all Muslims know saudi are slaves to usa.

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