How I feal about electricity FUTURE. Pakistan will not change IMRAN KHAN. But How will Imran ASK Pakistanis to pay DOUBLE prices to make ELECTRICITY INVESTMENT ATTRACTIVE to INVESTORS ?


No bank can help Pakistan. Again banks will not touch electricity REVENUE forecasts. Banks will make loss on Pak Electricity prices as ALREADY HUB and nearly all Private Producers of electricity are RUINED by slow and non payments and stealing and GOVERNMENT military and PPP can NEVER force Private Banks to throw depositor money.

PLUS foreign DAM BUILDERS need FOREIGN CASH not rupee dramas. Yes China invests in MOBILE PHONES a lot BECAUSE bills get PAID or its DISCONNECTION. Military NEVER teach Pakistanis YOU MUST ALL pay ALL expensive bills or DISCONNECTION !! Everything is EXPENSIVE, Schools, Medicine etc etc. ONLY MAKING BABIES is CHEAP and RELIGIOUS OBLIGATIONS are FREE. So stay home and just pray and yes phone calls are cheap. Like a Pakistani woman just be happy – PAKISTANIS were TAUGHT by MILITARY just like RENT CONTROL we can have ELECTRICITY PRICE control and ALLAH will provide education and Taliban ? WRONG MULLAH and EDUCATION given by MILITARY control of NEWSPAPERS and teaching TALIBAN DREAM REALITY to Pakistanis. FRAUD in ELECTRICITY means NO ELECTRICITY. Mullah and Civilian Government can not CREATE CASH. Its a ZERO SUM GAME electricity. Dams and PLANTS are not YOUR BIRTH RIGHT. They cost BANK CASH or TAXPAYER MONEY and TECHNOLOGY. As I say prayers would not HELP. LEARN to PAY MARKET PRICE of loans to build Dams and poles and COPPER WIRES etc etc. MILITARY did NOT TELL PAKISTANIS its RELIGIOUS DUTY DUTY DUTY to pay GAS and ELECTRICITY BILLS in FULL and THEN ZAKAT. Nothing Free Only Mullah and Zia’s hour long PUBLIC ADDRESS on TV for ten years were FREE. You are paying the Price NOW. Musharaaf never told YOU the TRUTH I have written above. Or maybe Military is STUPID ? Yes Musharaaf again WASTED your ten years and SAME electricity non-payments and RELIGIOUS DREAMS of PAKISTAN Pakistan GREAT ? Without electricity ? = Taliban’s hope of great Pakistan.

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