CIA KILLER blood money (Zia’s ul Haq’s WAHHABI Idea) cause more FRAUD and death of WOMEN

LHC orders production of Davis’s victim’s in-laws

Staff Report\11\story_11-8-2012_pg13_5

LAHORE: Justice Ali Baqar Najfi of the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday ordered police to produce Shahzad Butt, father-in-law of Faizan Haider, who was killed by American citizen Raymond Davis, and others until August 13. The judge issued the directions on a petition of Imran Haider, brother of Faizan Haider, for recovery of his nephew, Muhammad Ahmad, from Shahzad Butt and others. Earlier, the court while issuing notice summoned respondents Shahzad and others for Friday. The police informed that the respondents were not residing at the mailing address given in the petition. The petitioner’s counsel submitted that after receiving blood money, his deceased brother’s wife, Zohra, shifted to her parents’ house along with her son Ahmad. He alleged that Zohra’s father Shahzad Butt was a greedy person and he killed Zohra and her mother to take custody of minor and the blood money. He also alleged that Shahzad Butt, his son Haider Ali, and Seemab Batool were hiding the boy since the death of his mother. He requested that directions be issued to police for the recovery of minor and his custody be given to the petitioner.

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