Nuclear Energy is second cheapest, Sydney UTS student makes Indian movie, Pak energy Projects by USA

Bollywood director aims to expose Sydney’s more ticklish underbelly
IN 2009, Prateek Chakravorty was shocked by reports of racist violence against Indian students in Australia. As a former UTS student, the budding Indian filmmaker thought the hysteria in his homeland was unwarranted.

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NUCLEAR energy is among the cheapest power sources available to Australia under a carbon price, rating alongside solar and wind as one of the least expensive options, says a world-first study.

The study by the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics found both nuclear and solar photovoltaics would be more cost-competitive than previously thought.

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US releases new funds for Pakistani energy projects\story_4-8-2012_pg5_5

US Congress has released $280 million in new US assistance to support Pakistan’s energy sector. The funds will support improvements to Mangla Dam and infrastructure support and due diligence work on the Kurram Tangi Dam project. This is the latest example of the United States’ long-term and enduring support for Pakistan’s energy sector and for the people of Pakistan. Relieving Pakistan’s energy crisis is a top priority for civilian assistance programme. The US approach consists of high-impact projects aimed at increasing Pakistan’s energy resources and helping power sector institutions more effectively meet the country’s energy needs, according to a press release on Friday. The United States funds large-scale infrastructure efforts that, by 2013, are expected to add 900 megawatts to the national power grid, enough energy to power two million households and businesses. Our institutional support ranges from improving the governance of the power sector to strengthening the performance of Pakistan’s power distribution companies. We are helping develop new policies to rationalise pricing, reduce subsidies, increase revenues, and improve the distribution of energy resources. We also work with private sector entities and civil society organisations to enhance their role in decision-making and advocacy. Ongoing projects supported by the United States include the Gomal Zam Dam, which will generate 17.4 megawatts of hydroelectric power-enough to supply electricity to 30,000 households and irrigate almost 200,000 acres of land worked by 30,000 farmers, the Satpara Dam, which will provide 17.7 megawatts of power to the local grid-enough to supply electricity to 30,000 households and mitigate flooding, provide water for irrigation, and serve as a significant source of drinking water. Muzzafargarh Power Station, which will increase the generation capacity of the power station by 475 megawatts, enough power to supply electricity to about 680,000 households, the Jamshoro Power Station project, which will enable the station to restore at least 150 megawatts of power generation capacity. staff report





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