Hassan Nisar about IMRAN’s HONESTY and Hospital and Bhutto and Ayub

Thank you Qasim ::

Sad situation of unsatisfactory corruption in Baluch and their complaints that never can be RESOLVED with dirt poor Tax collection ::

When I was small we used to read NEWS in Zia ul Haq’s law and bullet order to opponents :: Again people are stealing HAFIN (cotton shroud) a dead body is put in  to lean in grave. This LAWLESS business has gone one level higher in non-Army law and order :: Now HAIR from dead bodies are removed. My friend is VERY UPSET and wants these people SHOT. Of course I disagree. I say we should have HIGHER and HIGHER walls around grave yards and BETTER PAID gaurds with guns !! People want CHEAP graveyards !! Then complain :: ! :: security does not come for free.  We have 5 childern and NEVER paid taxes and want security when we are dead !! Not possible !! ::


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