Balouch STORY so far = Its India and Enemy AFGHANS Winning Pak Government says

Interior minister says Afghan president provided 500 Kalashnikov rifles to Brahamdagh Bugti’s deputy <<< Read the END of this Page ::

Our BALOUCH leaders say ::
“Former dictator General Pervez Musharraf had only orphaned Balochistan, but the current democratic government had turned it into a graveyard,” he said in a telephonic conversation with reporters.

BNP rejects Rehman Malik’s claims on Balochistan unrest

 Akhtar Mengal holds agencies, establishment responsible 

Says real political leaders in province replaced with dummies

By Safiullah\story_4-8-2012_pg7_11

QUETTA: Senior politician and Balochistan National Party (BNP) leader Sardar Akhtar Mengal on Friday rejected the claims of Interior Minister Rehman Malik regarding unrest in Balochistan, saying the secret agencies, establishment and security forces were responsible for the deteriorating law and order situation in the province.
“Former dictator General Pervez Musharraf had only orphaned Balochistan, but the current democratic government had turned it into a graveyard,” he said in a telephonic conversation with reporters.
Mengal said the forces at the helm of affairs had pushed aside the real political leaders and had replaced them with dummy political leaders who had thrown Balochistan into a chasm of sectarian violence, tribal feuds, kidnappings for ransom, insecurity and uncertainty.
The BNP leader said the interior minister had strongly criticised Baloch organisations in his speech but shied away when it came to pointing out the organisation that had been formed and had been acting on commands of the Frontier Corps (FC) and other agencies.
“Rehman Malik is in the good books of FC and other security agencies which are responsible for all the atrocities inflicted on the Baloch, including the mutilated bodies of Baloch youth, and that is why he has been again appointed interior minister,” he said.
He said it looked as if he had got the Interior Ministry in inheritance as despite the issue of his dual nationality, he had again got the ministry.
Mengal said he seconded Malik’s statement regarding presence of Taliban in Balochistan, adding that Taliban were a religious group and all the world knew where they had trained.
He said that Balochistan was in a state of war and that lawlessness, anarchy, and insecurity had cast their shadows in every nook and corner of the province. Baloch armed groups had not sworn an oath of allegiance to the constitution of Pakistan and therefore, demanding loyalty from them was “insane”, he said. Whereas, the security agencies, which had taken such an oath, least cared about the orders of the Supreme Court and injunctions of the constitution, he added.

Both ‘friends’ and ‘foes’ involved in Balochistan: Malik\story_4-8-2012_pg7_1

Interior minister says Afghan president provided 500 Kalashnikov rifles to Brahamdagh Bugti’s deputy

By Ijaz Kakakhel 

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Friday told the Upper House that 14 organisations are operating in Balochistan and both friends and enemies of Pakistan were financing and encouraging them for uprising.
The House decided that the minister would give an in-camera briefing to the senators, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and other security agencies about the facts. Date of the session would be finalised later.
Malik said, “Give me an opportunity and let me tell you what our friends are doing with us. Let our enemies be aside but I have astonishing facts about the friends.”
In continuation of his yesterday’s speech delivered to wind up discussion on Balochistan situation, Malik unveiled evidence on links among the Baloch dissidents and neighbouring countries such as Afghanistan and India. He, however, avoided naming the friendly countries and once again requested for an in-camera briefing.
He also showed proof about training camps being run in Afghanistan and a number of official letters written by the Afghan government to its departments to provide funds, visas, passports and arms and ammunition to Brahamdagh Bugti and his operators inside Balochistan.
He also unveiled proof about Pakistani insurgents getting training in Kandahar and other areas. He also mentioned strong links of dissident leaders with Afghanistan and India. The minister claimed that there were 24 training camps for terrorists in Kandahar alone.
The minister requested nationalist parties to support the government, before it was too late. He made it clear that no compromise would be made on the national interest and all decisions would be taken in this regard.
To a point of order raised by Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl Senator Abdul Ghafoor Haideri‚ Malik said the memorandum of understanding singed for restoration of NATO supplies would be made public. He said, “Our stand regarding the implementation of parliamentary recommendations is same as it was earlier.”
To another point of order raised by MQM Senator Tahir Mashhadi regarding law and order in Karachi‚ the minister said security arrangements in the city have been improved and sectarian and ethnic polarisation had been reduced to a great extent.
Malik said certain elements were playing in the hands of enemies and trying to balkanise Balochistan. He said the Baloch loved Pakistan but some people were getting support from their foreign masters.
Foreign countries extended their full support to Riaz Gul, the deputy commander of Brahamdagh Bugti. Afghan President Hamid Karzai, through an official letter, provided 500 Kalashnikov rifles to Gul. The minister said more details about Gul would be provided to parliamentarians during the in-camera briefing.
Opposition leader in the Senate Ishaq Dar said, “We all know these problems and involvement of foreign hands in Balochistan unrest, but we required a roadmap and an action plan to stop such criminal activities in the province.”


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