You can process photos on your PC to your heart’s content without spending a cent.

Free photo editing apps reviewed

Terry Lane
Published: July 12, 2012 – 3:00AM


IT’S that time of year when we turn our thoughts to winter frugality. What’s the most we cheapskates can get for nothing?

For Windows and Linux, there are enough freebies to handle image viewing and editing that it is possible to process digital images without spending a cent.

Consider, for instance, the editing program Photoscape ( This application will do just about everything a person needs in the way of changing brightness, contrast, colour balance, size, cropping and adding a frame as the cherry on the cake. There are clone- and spot-removal tools, as well as red-eye correction.

RAW conversion in Photoscape is crude and makes shooting RAW pointless. But do not give up on the superior file-saving format – help is at hand.

RawTherapee (, for Windows and Linux, 32-bit or 64-bit) is an astonishing application that does just about everything Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom can do. Some of the function labels are a tad arcane – for instance, what do you make of ”reweighting iterates”? – but a bit of suck-it-and-see helps comprehension. The download and installation are quick and easy, and you are not asked to disclose your grandmother’s maiden name or even your email address to get it.

Anyone running Windows without installing Irfanview ( is missing out on an application that Mac pixies envy. Irfanview is a lightning-fast image viewer, editor and batch processor. Want to convert a folder of RAW images to JPEGs? It is done in a trice. Need to see thumbnails of image file types that Windows won’t display? Just run Irfanview Thumbnails and they are displayed as big or as small as you want. The Windows and Mac native viewers are primitive by comparison.

The only competition for Irfanview for the Mac is XnView ( This is a work in progress – the current version for the Mac is 0.51 – and it is not the smoothest of experiences. However, it beats Preview, the Mac’s native viewer, hands down. XnView is also available for Windows and Linux in more-developed versions.

Galerie ( /5zkk7) is freeware for the Mac. This web photo-gallery generator works by drag, drop and click to create an HTML file for uploading to a server. This is a better way to showcase your photos than to have them overwhelmed in Flickr or Picasa. A good selection of templates allows users to customise the look of the gallery. Why not create your own ”cloud”, which, after all, is just a fancy name for a big hard drive somewhere else? It’s not free but look at and you will see that $2.95 a month buys you a domain name and all the cloud space you are likely to need. As far as we know, this is the cheapest way to get a domain with your own name in it. Ours is

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Aussie Dud Subs, SAUDI BARBIE “princes”, Mexico corrupt, Hijab Aussie Footballers

GOOD ARMY NAVY let Politicians and PRESS put their EYES where POOR Tax Payers money is GOING ??
Widely seen as ”dud subs” after well publicised problems – unreliable diesels of a unique design from a now-defunct manufacturer, faulty electrical trains, vibrating telescopes, noisy hull flows, cavitating propellers and a combat system that wouldn’t talk to the rest of the sub – the Collins class may bely that reputation.

Read more:  << very long article – that OPEN Government. Your Govt not just OPEN to CIA and arms SELLERS but to reduce CORRUPTION and bad investment = PRESS must be given access = NOT just CIA ……..


“…SHE was Saudi Arabia’s ”Barbie” princess; the pampered granddaughter of the kingdom’s founder and daughter of one of his most powerful and favoured sons…. BLIND PAKISTANI PRESS keeping Saudia as a DREAM honest country = “…That’s a slap in the face of the kingdom”. With the current king ill, Princess Sara was supported by her uncle, the Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz al Saud, a rival of her father’s. But last month he died, leaving her exposed and seemingly prompting her push for asylum…. HOT HOT HOT ??? Oh to be Rolls Royce makes it hot !!! Princes own SAUDI oil.


MEXICO CITY: Tens of thousands of Mexicans marched in the capital on Saturday to protest against alleged fraud and vote-buying in the country’s July 1 presidential election.  < corruption everywhere Except few countries THAT BECAME VERY rich because low birth rate and low corruption. Since 1950’s.


“….The decision is good news for Muslim female footballers around the world who wear the hijab and will be allowed to compete at the international level….

Moya Dodd, the vice-president of the Asian Football Confederation and a former Matilda, said: ”It’s just a matter of time before there is a hijab-wearing Matilda.”

Ms Dodd was part of a year-long campaign to overturn the hijab ban, spearheaded by the FIFA vice-president and executive committee member Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan.

Mirza Jamal considers this good news. I am NOT against WOMEN coming forward, even with hijab. Even SAUDI has ALLOWED Saudi girls to take PART in OLYMPICS . Olympics ruled by “west” said IF NO GIRLS ALLOWED in Olympics Team we the OLYMPICS will NOW this YEAR ban SAUDI boys from taking part in Olympics !!! Some Govts only OBEY after KAFIR THREATS !!   < Photos

IOC President Jacques Rogge cannot guarantee “100 percent” that female athletes from Saudi Arabia will compete at the London Olympics, although he remains optimistic the Gulf kingdom will send women to the games for the first time.

WASHINGDON POST says: Send the Saudi team back to Saudi !    USA today   NY Times   as usual BBC cuts through !

The WAHHABI evil = “…King Faisal, who introduced television in the 1960s and was eventually assassinated, insisted on introducing education for girls. Today, Saudi women graduates outnumber their male counterparts….”


Qasim’s SELECTION – Rent Women, Good Parts of Army destroying Drugs

Street brothels,   “No I am not coming upstairs” at 7 minutes and ofcourse tells her story …

Here is another ::   <<< How criminals get “their” women.
Murder and How killers hide their crime by cutting woman in pieces.

FAKE PIR Busted = Zemtv is best =

Multi Drug Bust , See how local drug buyers act in Karachi ,
As I said Satans hide behind being religious    <<< Good Army Work

HOW NEWS given by my friend ::     Also BBC Urdu Article he gave me =

Also ::

Arif Nizami (Editor) Copyright © 2011 Nawa Media
Brother may become thorn in Shah Mahmood’s
PPP likely to rope in estranged member’s brother Mureed Hussain
After registration of corruption case against MNA Ali Musa Gilani, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari has launched hectic
damage-control efforts, roping in Makhdoomzada Mureed Hussain Qureshi, the younger brother of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Shah Mahmood
Qureshi, who will be joining the PPP ranks soon.
A source in the PPP informed Pakistan Today that Mureed Qureshi was likely to make a formal announcement to rejoin the PPP ranks soon and he had
recently held a meeting with President Zardari. “Mureed Qureshi has been informed by the PPP leadership that he would be given an advisory role in the
PPP-led federal government. The joining of Mureed Qureshi would also help President Zardari to settle scores with Shah Mahmood and Zardari would
have the last laugh,” the source said.
He added that the president had also asked Mureed to use his government office to win political support in the area, where he would be awarded huge
development funds to create goodwill for him, and enabling him to fight the next election from the PPP platform against Shah Mahmood Qureshi. This is
not the first time that the PPP leaders have roped in members of the Qureshi clan to undermine Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s forward lunge.
In December 2011, then prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani had initially succeeded in winning the support of Mureed Qureshi after Shah Mahmood
decided to field his son against Ali Musa Gilani in by-polls. Mureed was annoyed with his elder brother for ignoring him and rather fielding his elder son,
Zain Qureshi, for the NA-148 by-polls. However, the elder Qureshi had been able to mend fences with his brother who has considerable influence in NA-
148 constituency.
For this, PTI chief Imran Khan had to visit Mureed and persuade him to join the PTI. Despite repeated attempts, president’s spokesman Farhatullah
Babar and Shah Mahmood Qureshi did not respond to phone calls and text messages. The cell phone of Mureed Qureshi also remained switched off. Shah
Mahmood and Mureed are sons of former Punjab governor Makhdoom Sajjad Hussain Qureshi. Other than their political clout, Qureshis are spirtual
leaders of the Ghousia Jamaat whose followers are in millions across Sindh and South Punjab. Qureshis are also very influential in Southern Punjab and
interior Sindh, especially in lower Sindh where their political support may change the political dynamics in Sindh.
They have had a decisive role in politics of Multan and have mostly won in their constituencies.

Mothers Rule, Crazy Aussie Fuel Jihadi, USA Inner Circle,

A father’s heartbreak in ‘land of injustice’

“…AN INTERNATIONAL custody battle playing out in Australian courts has left the Italian father at its heart feeling abandoned by the federal government and discriminated against because he is not the mother…”

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Aussie Jihadi against USA Petrol – Cancer Ally – Hate Diesel at 22-23 minutes. Fraud to USA citizens. MANY EUROPEAN Diesel cars in Sydney.    for those who do not like reading VERY INTERESTING Pakistan mentioned at 35 minutes, Willy Nelson at 55 minutes, Julia Roberts at 1hr 1min, BIO-Diesel = Bio Fuel gone bad at 1hr and 4 min,

US brings Afghanistan into its inner circle

Published: July 8, 2012 – 3:00AM

THE US has given Afghanistan ”major ally” status. The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, arrived in Kabul yesterday on an unannounced visit to meet the Afghan President, Hamid Karzai.

In an address to diplomats at the US embassy, she declared Afghanistan the ”newest major non-NATO ally” of the US.

The designation allows for streamlined defence co-operation, including expedited purchasing ability of US equipment and easier export regulations. Afghanistan’s military, which is heavily dependent on US and foreign assistance, already has many of these benefits.

The non-NATO ally status guarantees it will continue to do so.

Afghanistan is the 15th country the US has declared a major non-NATO ally. Others include Australia, Egypt, Israel, Japan and Pakistan.

Associated Press

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Research Project – Causes Of Low Literacy Rate In Pakistan

According to the official definition, the literacy rate is that percentage of the population ten years and above which is able to read and write in any language.
Research Project
Causes Of Low Literacy Rate In Pakistan
NFC Institute of Engineering & Fertilizer Research
Country Profile by UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office :
“…General Ayub Khan launched Pakistan’s first military coup. Martial law was declared, political parties abolished and a pattern of military control was established that has characterised almost half of Pakistan’s existence since independence.”

India is Australia’s 11th-biggest inbound tourism market

Affluent, abroad... India is the new focus of tourism growth.Affluent, abroad… India is the new focus of tourism growth. Photo: Tamara Voninski

Bollywood stars and cricketers are part of Australia’s push to attract visitors from the subcontinent, writes Robert Upe.

Australian tourism officials are targeting Delhi and Mumbai to lure more Indian travellers here.

Along with China, India has one of the world’s fastest-growing outbound travel markets, and more than 50 million Indians are expected to take overseas trips by 2020.

A scene from Indian movie Salaam Namaste, filmed in Melbourne. Tourism Australia says Bollywood stars will be used to spruik holidays in Australia.A scene from Indian movie Salaam Namaste, filmed in Melbourne. Tourism Australia says Bollywood stars will be used to spruik holidays in Australia.

India is Australia’s 11th-biggest inbound tourism market, bringing in 148,200 visitors who spent $867 million last year, but by 2020 officials say that could reach 300,000 visitors spending $2.3 billion.


Delhi and Mumbai have been targeted by Australia because they have an emerging middle class and India’s highest concentration of affluent households.

The Minister for Tourism, Martin Ferguson, unveiled an India 2020 strategic plan last month at the annual Australian Tourism Exchange in Perth, the largest travel trade show in the southern hemisphere. “We have put a huge effort into attracting tourists from China recently and the next cab off the rank is India,” he said.

The plan means that Tourism Australia’s “There’s Nothing Like Australia” campaign will be rolled out in Delhi and Mumbai and there will be extensive advertising on TV and digital channels as well as print.

Tourism Australia will spend $5 million on the India campaign in the next year and will also use cricketers and Bollywood stars to spruik the virtues of holidaying here. Cricketers Steve Waugh and Brett Lee have acted as advocates in the past, and more Australian Indian Premier League (IPL) players may be recruited.

Another focus of the strategy is to establish direct air links between Australia and India. There are no direct non-stop flights between the countries but talks are taking place with several airlines believed to include Qantas, Virgin and Air India.

Ferguson says there are 70 national tourism organisations from around the world active in India, and competition to win Indian travellers is fierce.

The India 2020 strategic plan follows the China 2020 strategic plan that was announced by Tourism Australia in June last year, which aims to lure a share of the 100 million Chinese who will be travelling by 2020.

The managing director of Tourism Australia, Andrew McEvoy, has denied suggestions tourism officials are concentrating marketing efforts on China and India at the expense of other more established visitor countries.

“The traditional Western countries are essential to our tourism and have not been abandoned,” he says. “We are not fair-weather friends. We have been with these markets [New Zealand, Britain, the US] for 40 years and we have literally invested hundreds of millions of dollars into them. We are still spending strongly in those countries but the growth is coming from Asia.”

McEvoy says Tourism Australia will also target Japanese travellers later this year.

“We will do something big and significant to reignite our relationship with the Japanese traveller,” he says in reference to the drop in visitors since last year’s earthquake and tsunami.

Robert Upe travelled to Perth courtesy of Tourism Australia.


1. New Zealand (1,172,700)

2. Britain (608,300)

3. China (542,000)

4. US (456,200)

5. Japan (332,700)

6. Singapore (318,500)

7. Malaysia (241,200)

8. Korea (198,000)

9. Hong Kong (166,300)

10. Germany (153,900)

11. India (148,200)

12 Indonesia (140,400)

– 2011 arrivals.

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Qasim’s GREAT eyes looking at Pakistan

Do NOT buy stolen Mobiles – You cause more robberies = maybe murder or injury ?

Other countries do the same and they have more drug problems – Wow in reality Police turns up at mobile and then car theft !!!   30 minutes   30 minutes    [can you get me married ? I am just a student and no rented place of my own. I want married life but I have NO PLACE of my own for next ten years. Also “BAD MUFTIS” exposed ! See at 9:15, 14:00, 15:00 court marriage,  Prostitutes at Qauid’s Mazar.







Land reforms essential for secularism, democracy: Indian scholar

Land reforms essential for secularism, democracy: Indian scholar

KARACHI: Democracy is not possible without secularism and land reforms are essential for secularism and democracy, said an Indian scholar Prof Ram Puniyani. Delivering a lecture on Secularism by Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER) here on Friday Prof Puniyani, who is working for communal harmony and initiatives to oppose the rising tide of fundamentalism in India gave a historical background of secularism in the world. He said in Europe king and priest were the ruling class before the industrialisation, but after that a new class of businessmen-industrialists emerged, which changed the political role of the ruling classes. Clergy and feudal were asked that there is no political role of them in the affairs of the state. Clergy was asked to do only religious rites, whereas the powers of the king were curtailed. French revolution even sent feudal to guillotine. He said feudal class has created a misconception about secularism that it is against religions. In fact secularism talks about liberty, equality and fraternity, he said and added that there is no interference of realign in secularism. Prof Puniyani pointed out that British came to India to loot the wealth of this region and for strengthening their power they introduced some developments for their own benefit. They introduced rail, mail and jail for their political control, he remarked. British introduced modern educational system to get clerks for their officers. In Europe secularism resulted in abolition of the feudalism, but unfortunately feudalism was not abolished in the Indian subcontinent, which has resulted in creation of two groups – right and left or rising class and declining class. staff report

How to Import & Export Bookmarks In Internet Explorer, Firefox & Chrome

How to Import & Export Bookmarks In Internet Explorer, Firefox & Chrome

Most internet users find difficulty in using bookmarks while switching from one browser to another browser. Switching from one browser to another browser doesn’t automatically export and import bookmarks too from one browser to another.

Luckily Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome, all provide options to import and export bookmarks. So anyone can transfer all their bookmarks from one browser to another by performing a few simple steps.

Method 1. Export Bookmarks from Firefox and Import it into Google Chrome

We can easily export bookmarks from Firefox to Google Chrome by performing the following easy steps:

Go To Bookmark > Organize Bookmarks option or simply click Ctrl+Shift+B


Library window will open. Go to Import and Backup > Export HTML.


You can export your bookmarks in HTML files anywhere on your PC.


Now Go to Google Chrome and click on tool button.


Click on Bookmark manager.

Bookmark Manager

Go to Tools > Import Bookmarks option.


Now select and open exported HTML file you have saved in your PC.


Your all Bookmarks will imported from Firefox to Chrome now. Enjoy using all the imported bookmarks. You can see your imported bookmarks on clicking Other bookmarks Imported


Method 2: Export Bookmarks from Internet Explorer and Import it into Google Chrome

Exporting bookmarks from Internet explorer is similar to exporting Firefox bookmarks.

Go to Internet Explorer browser. Click on File. Go to Import and Export option.


Now here you want to explore all the Internet explorer bookmarks. So click on Export Favorites option. Click Next button.


Click Next button.


Select the folder you want to Export. Again click on Next button.


Now browse a location where you want to export HTML file. Click on Next button


Save Bookmark in HTML format.


Now you need to import this HTML file into Google Chrome browser. Repeat the above mentioned steps while importing Firefox bookmarks and transferring it to Google Chrome browser.

If you use any other browser like Opera or Safari, the steps remain more or less the same. Just export the bookmarks file and import it to another browser.

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