Aussie Dud Subs, SAUDI BARBIE “princes”, Mexico corrupt, Hijab Aussie Footballers

GOOD ARMY NAVY let Politicians and PRESS put their EYES where POOR Tax Payers money is GOING ??
Widely seen as ”dud subs” after well publicised problems – unreliable diesels of a unique design from a now-defunct manufacturer, faulty electrical trains, vibrating telescopes, noisy hull flows, cavitating propellers and a combat system that wouldn’t talk to the rest of the sub – the Collins class may bely that reputation.

Read more:  << very long article – that OPEN Government. Your Govt not just OPEN to CIA and arms SELLERS but to reduce CORRUPTION and bad investment = PRESS must be given access = NOT just CIA ……..


“…SHE was Saudi Arabia’s ”Barbie” princess; the pampered granddaughter of the kingdom’s founder and daughter of one of his most powerful and favoured sons…. BLIND PAKISTANI PRESS keeping Saudia as a DREAM honest country = “…That’s a slap in the face of the kingdom”. With the current king ill, Princess Sara was supported by her uncle, the Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz al Saud, a rival of her father’s. But last month he died, leaving her exposed and seemingly prompting her push for asylum…. HOT HOT HOT ??? Oh to be Rolls Royce makes it hot !!! Princes own SAUDI oil.


MEXICO CITY: Tens of thousands of Mexicans marched in the capital on Saturday to protest against alleged fraud and vote-buying in the country’s July 1 presidential election.  < corruption everywhere Except few countries THAT BECAME VERY rich because low birth rate and low corruption. Since 1950’s.


“….The decision is good news for Muslim female footballers around the world who wear the hijab and will be allowed to compete at the international level….

Moya Dodd, the vice-president of the Asian Football Confederation and a former Matilda, said: ”It’s just a matter of time before there is a hijab-wearing Matilda.”

Ms Dodd was part of a year-long campaign to overturn the hijab ban, spearheaded by the FIFA vice-president and executive committee member Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan.

Mirza Jamal considers this good news. I am NOT against WOMEN coming forward, even with hijab. Even SAUDI has ALLOWED Saudi girls to take PART in OLYMPICS . Olympics ruled by “west” said IF NO GIRLS ALLOWED in Olympics Team we the OLYMPICS will NOW this YEAR ban SAUDI boys from taking part in Olympics !!! Some Govts only OBEY after KAFIR THREATS !!   < Photos

IOC President Jacques Rogge cannot guarantee “100 percent” that female athletes from Saudi Arabia will compete at the London Olympics, although he remains optimistic the Gulf kingdom will send women to the games for the first time.

WASHINGDON POST says: Send the Saudi team back to Saudi !    USA today   NY Times   as usual BBC cuts through !

The WAHHABI evil = “…King Faisal, who introduced television in the 1960s and was eventually assassinated, insisted on introducing education for girls. Today, Saudi women graduates outnumber their male counterparts….”


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