Land reforms essential for secularism, democracy: Indian scholar

Land reforms essential for secularism, democracy: Indian scholar

KARACHI: Democracy is not possible without secularism and land reforms are essential for secularism and democracy, said an Indian scholar Prof Ram Puniyani. Delivering a lecture on Secularism by Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER) here on Friday Prof Puniyani, who is working for communal harmony and initiatives to oppose the rising tide of fundamentalism in India gave a historical background of secularism in the world. He said in Europe king and priest were the ruling class before the industrialisation, but after that a new class of businessmen-industrialists emerged, which changed the political role of the ruling classes. Clergy and feudal were asked that there is no political role of them in the affairs of the state. Clergy was asked to do only religious rites, whereas the powers of the king were curtailed. French revolution even sent feudal to guillotine. He said feudal class has created a misconception about secularism that it is against religions. In fact secularism talks about liberty, equality and fraternity, he said and added that there is no interference of realign in secularism. Prof Puniyani pointed out that British came to India to loot the wealth of this region and for strengthening their power they introduced some developments for their own benefit. They introduced rail, mail and jail for their political control, he remarked. British introduced modern educational system to get clerks for their officers. In Europe secularism resulted in abolition of the feudalism, but unfortunately feudalism was not abolished in the Indian subcontinent, which has resulted in creation of two groups – right and left or rising class and declining class. staff report

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